Namecheap, Dynadot, TuCows And Other Domain Registrars Got Blocked In India

As a result of an extended conflict regarding cybersquatting, certain Indian internet service providers (ISPs) have barred access to three significant domain name registrars.

This decision has caused growing frustration among Indian courts and cybersquatting victims, who have been unable to elicit a response from registrars regarding their take-down notices. Complicating matters further, some registrars have insisted that plaintiffs obtain a court order from the United States instead of one from India.

Indian ISPs block access to major domain registrars
Indian ISPs block access to major domain registrars

Ankur Raheja, an attorney who frequently serves as a Respondent’s representative in UDRP cases, reported today that certain Indian ISPs have blocked access to the websites of five registrars: Dynadot, Namecheap, Tucows, Sarek, and Gransy.

Among these registrars, Dynadot, Namecheap, and Tucows are among the 15 largest domain registrars, with Tucows primarily selling domains through resellers.

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