Survey: Companies Are Already Replacing Employees With ChatGPT

According to a report, Microsoft’s ChatGPT has started replacing human employees in some companies as they implement the AI chatbot to perform tasks previously done by workers. The companies are also saving thousands of dollars.

48% of respondents saved over $50,000, and 11% saved over $100,000. This was based on a survey conducted by job advice platform, which surveyed 1,000 business leaders who either use or plan to use ChatGPT.

chat gpt replacing employees

The report found that approximately half of the surveyed companies have implemented chatbots, with nearly half of that group saying that ChatGPT has already replaced employees at their companies.

As a result, workers need to consider how this technology may affect their current job responsibilities, according to Stacey Haller, the chief career advisor at Resume Builder.

Companies are using ChatGPT for tasks such as writing codes, copywriting, content creation, customer support, and preparing meeting summaries. About 77% of firms using ChatGPT said they use it to help write job descriptions, and 66% said they use it for drafting interview solicitations.

chat gpt replacing jobs also found that job seekers utilize ChatGPT for resumes and cover letters. Nearly 50% of current and recent job seekers have used ChatGPT to write their resumes and cover letters, with 72% of those respondents using the tool to write cover letters and 51% using it to write resumes.

Most respondents were satisfied with the results from ChatGPT, with 76% saying the quality of application materials written by ChatGPT is “high” or “very high.” Furthermore, 28% said they only had to do “a little bit” or “no” editing to resumes or cover letters written by ChatGPT.

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