ChatGPT Powered AI Tutors Will Soon Teach Children In UAE

According to reports, artificial intelligence robots could soon teach in UAE classrooms. These are the comments made at an education conference by the minister of education in the country.

Ahmad Al Falasii, Minister of Education, stated, “We are committed to adopting leading technologies and are working with our partners to develop GPT-powered AI tutors and to evolve education technology to raise the education system in the UAE.” He spoke at the Alef Education Summit at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

“As science and education technology advances around the globe, traditional teaching methods have been transformed with innovative tools revolutionizing classrooms through interactive and remote learning.”

These comments were made during a meeting organized by the minister to discuss the most recent developments in artificial intelligence and to put them to good use for education.

Falasi highlighted that his team would ensure that AI technology is used to improve the quality of education and learning. It will not replace teachers.

He also stated that they would collaborate with partners like Microsoft and OpenAI. While some educators, particularly in New York, have prohibited the use of generative AI within classrooms in the United States, the UAE embraces the new technology.

Al Falasi stated that “it’s causing teachers and academics worldwide to reassess how they teach as well as how they assess.”

“In the UAE, we agreed to accept this technology. We are creating a policy to guide teachers and faculty on how to use large language models in the best way to benefit students while ensuring that they have the best learning experience.”

Al Falasi stated that the UAE recognized the advantages of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when educational institutions had to transition to online platforms. In light of our collective experience with the pandemic, we acknowledge the significance of technology in education.

As per The National’s report, the minister emphasized that technology should not solely be considered as a solution to crises. Rather, it should be regarded as a mechanism for revolutionizing education.

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