NYC Schools Ban ChatGPT To Stop Cheating

Jenna Lyle, the spokesperson for the education department, stated that ChatGPT access is restricted to New York City Public Schools devices and networks because of concerns about student learning and safety.

While the tool can provide quick and simple answers to your questions, it doesn’t build critical thinking or problem-solving skills crucial for academic and long-term success.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT on November 20, 2022. It has been the subject of much debate and fear-mongering since then about artificially intelligent systems continuing to rise in creative industries.

Stack Overflow suspended it in December for giving wrong answers to programming questions. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman does not think it is that good. He tweeted last month that ChatGPT was “incredibly limited but good enough to create a misleading impression of greatness” and that it was “a mistake to be depending on it for any important task right now.”

According to the Washington Post, teachers are also “in a near panic” over the possibility that students could cheat on their assignments. The New York Times recently presented ChatGPT’s writing to educators alongside human students. None of them were able to distinguish the bot from the real thing.

ChatGPT was neutral when I asked it about its opinion on the ban. It stated that it had considered the risks and benefits of ChatGPT being used in education and carefully weighed the evidence before making a decision. To make informed and fair decisions, it is important to consider the views and concerns of all parties, including students and educators.

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