OpenAI To Launch ChatGPT App For Android And iOS

According to reports, OpenAI will launch a ChatGPT app for mobile very soon. The viral chatbot is currently only available in the form of a website. An Android and iOS ChatGPT App will likely enhance the already large user base.

GPT-4 is a new update to ChatGPT that will only improve the program’s capabilities. This update could be used in Microsoft’s search engine Bing sometime next week.

ChatGPT has become a viral sensation thanks to the incredible popularity of OpenAI’s chatbot. Users were blown away by the program’s capabilities, and it offered artificial intelligence far superior to similar programs.

OpenAI may launch a ChatGPT mobile application soon due to growing demand. The launch date is unknown, but Semafor said that the mobile app is part of recent company developments.

An app for mobile devices would be a huge step not only for ChatGPT’s prominence but also for the development of the system. Semafor points out that the app’s implementation will significantly impact the program’s learning and the way it receives feedback. The app “Will bring an additional user base into service, making it steeper,” Semafor stated.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing was also reported, possibly incorporating a “faster, richer” version of ChatGPT into its functionality. GPT-4 is the updated version allowing Bing to challenge Google’s long-standing dominance in the search engine marketplace.

Semafor reports that the new updated OpenAI software responds faster than the current chatbot version. According to people familiar with the product’s rollout plans, the report also notes that the replies sound more human-like and provides in-depth replies.

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