ChatGPT Crosses 10 Million Daily Active Users In Just 40 Days

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s powerful chatbot, has exceeded 10 million daily users in just 40 days. It has broken the record of Instagram almost nine times faster. Instagram took around 355 Days to reach 10 million registered users.

“ChatGPT reached 10 million daily users within 40 days,” Brett Winton (Chief Futurist at ARK Venture Investment) tweeted on Tuesday.

ChatGPT Crosses 10 Million Daily Active Users In Just 40 Days

Winton stated in the Twitter thread that 10 million unique daily users suggest 20+ million users every month. He further wrote, “I am shocked that it’s only 20 million.”

ChatGPT’s user base is expected to increase, despite being contentious at times. Winton’s ChatGPT growth graph received a response from a user saying, “This is crazy!”

There are many applications for the AI-operated model. Technology pundits predict its popularity will increase as more developers and researchers become aware of it.

ChatGPT’s novelty “will wear down quickly, while Instagram grew quicker,” a user asked Winton.

He replied, “I would be less optimistic if chatGPT were used only for novelty purposes.”

Chatbots’ success is due to their ability to understand and create a human-like language from various natural language inputs gathered from a large text database.

ChatGPT has become an indispensable tool for many applications, including machine learning, natural language processing, and data analysis. This has given sleepless nights to tech giants.

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