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Nick Cave: Song Written In My Style Using ChatGPT Sucks

Nick Cave examines ChatGPT’s viral chatbot song, calling it “bullshit” and “a grotesque mockery” of what it means to be human.

Cave replied to Mark, a New Zealand fan, by writing in his newsletter, The Red Hand Files; he received a song you made using ChatGPT in nick’s style.

ChatGPT’s song was filled with dark biblical imagery. The chorus included: I am a sinner, and I am a saint /I am darkness, but I am light /I am hunter, prey /I am devil, I’m the savior.”

Mark was contacted by the singer, who replied that “dozens” had sent songs written using ChatGPT. He wrote, “Suffice it, I don’t feel the same enthusiasm about this technology.” ChatGPT is still in its babyhood. However, that could be the emerging horror of AI. It will always be in its infancy as it has more to go. The direction is always forward and faster.

It cannot be reversed or slowed down as it propels us towards a utopian future or destruction. Who knows which? It doesn’t look good, Mark, judging by the song “in style Nick Cave.” The apocalypse has arrived. This song really sucks.

ChatGPT was, according to him, “replication as a mockery.” He wrote, “Writing a great song is not imitation, replication, or pastiche. It is the opposite.” It is an act that causes one to lose all the work they have done in the past. These dangerous, heart-stopping departures propel artists beyond what they know to be their true selves.

“This is part of the authentic creative struggle that precedes the invention of a unique song of actual value. It is the inevitable confrontation with one’s vulnerability, perilousness, and smallness, juxtaposed against a sense of a sudden, shocking discovery. It is the redemptive artistic action that stirs one’s heart, where one recognizes their blood, struggle, and suffering in the inner workings of the song.”

Cave, who is currently writing songs for Bad Seeds’ new album, said: “It might sound like I’m taking it all too personally; however, I’m a writer who is actively engaged, at the moment, in songwriting. It’s a hard business here at my desk that requires me to think up a new and exciting idea. It takes my humanness.”

He thanked Mark and said that he didn’t like the song.

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