ChatGPT Diagnoses A Patient, Doctor’s Shocked

After using ChatGPT to diagnose a patient in just seconds, an Australian doctor admitted that he is both excited and scared about the future.

Doctor Prithvi Santana recently graduated from UNSW and was experimenting with ChatGPT.

Dr. Santana stated in the video, “ChatGPT just took my job as a physician.”

He said he was so excited about its functionality that his nose started bleeding.

After the AI responded with possible life-threatening responses and suggested tests that he should order to test the patient’s system, Dr. Santana didn’t seem too concerned. He simply said, “I can do this on Wikipedia.”

Dr Prithvi Santana was, however, shocked at the new capability of ChatGPT.

He said, “The scariest thing is that I gave it a patient story with all the nuances it needed to comprise… and it diagnosed my patient for me.”

“This is my job, and this is what I do.”

“This will change the role of doctors within healthcare. I am excited but also nervous.

Although Dr. Santana did not say whether ChatGPT’s diagnosis was correct, he seemed happy with the AI’s suggestion.

The TikTok footage showed the AI recommending all suggested tests, risk factors, and possible diagnoses in succinct bullets.

TikTok Users Comments About ChatGPT’s Medical Potential.

One commenter said ‘Doctors are going to be hearing a lot of, “That’s not what ChatGPT said”

Another user stated, “It might take your job… or streamline your job and help you care for more patients.”

Dr. Santana replied, “I lean towards the latter; it might just reshape role and the responsibilities of a doctor one day.”

ChatGPT has received a lot of attention since its November launch. Many other professions, including teachers, artists, etc., have admitted to being nervous about AI’s future potential.

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