Google Reveals Its Favourite Chrome Extensions Of 2022

Google Chrome browser customization is possible in many ways. You can install extensions to make work easy and flexible for you. Google revealed the top extensions of the year as 2022 comes to an end.

Google today announced its top Chrome extensions for 2022 on its blog. The tech giant chose the winners based on four categories: productivity, focus, gaming, and learning.

For productivity, Google’s favorite chrome extensions are:

1. Tango: A mobile app that automatically generates a guide if you record yourself going through a process.

2. SwiftRead: An app for speed reading that claims to make it easier to read up to three times faster

3. Liner: A research tool that allows you to highlight, save, organize and receive reading recommendations.

4. Compose AI: An Artificial Intelligence powered tool for writing.

5. Visbug: This tool allows web designers to modify text and images on their websites.

6. Check US Visa Slots: This lets users check for US visa openings.

For the focus category, Google’s favorite chrome extensions are:

1. Workona Tab Manager – This extension allows users to manage their tabs

2. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures – This chrome extension allows users to create customized navigation shortcuts for their mouse.

For gaming and viewing, Google’s favorite chrome extensions are:

1. RoPro: This app was created for Roblox users and adds new features to the game.

2. eJoy: This app creates subtitles in various languages to allow users to learn a new language while they watch content.

For learning, Google’s favorite chrome extensions are:

1. Equatio: It’s a digital math aide.

2. MyBib: This is an online citation generator.

Google also recently discussed its top apps on the PlayStore, with BeReal being named the best app.

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