Google Launches Multi-Search And In-Video Search in India

Today, Google announced that its multi-search feature, which allows users to search with text and images, will be available in India. At its Google for India event Monday, the company stated that the feature would be available in English beginning today and will support Hindi later.

This feature allows users to upload a photo of a garment pattern and add text such as “dress” to search for dresses that match the pattern.

Multisearch was announced for the first time in April. It was made available to US-based customers in October. Separately, the search giant said that users could search within YouTube videos. The Google Search app will allow users to search within YouTube videos by typing a phrase.

Google claimed that it improves speech recognition for Hinglish-language users searching for voiced questions. The older model couldn’t recognize the question “Sparrow ko Hindi Mai kya Kehte Hai” (what is a sparrow in Hindi).

Google allows Indian users to simultaneously view search results pages in Hindi and English. The company plans to expand this feature to Tamil, Telegu, and Marathi languages.

According to the company, some of these options will be made quickly through shortcuts in Google’s iOS app and later extended to Android.

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