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Tinder Users Are Using ChatGPT To Message Matches

OpenAI’s ChatGPT launched this month, ushering in a new era of social media. Social feeds are clogged with screenshots of the chatbot and discussions about its seemingly endless uses. TikTokkers were not afraid to reveal how ChatGPT is used to communicate with Tinder matches.

It’s not a new idea to use AI in dating apps. Programmers have tried to gamify the experience of finding love via your phone for years. These Tinder users have created bots that can swipe and message them and can do it with hundreds of other users at once.

Tinder uses AI to generate conversation starters, but users are taking it to another level.

This is not surprising, as Tinder bans those who do it. However, the app uses AI to generate conversation starters.

ChatGPT users are, however putting in more effort. After they have matched with someone, they ask ChatGPT to send them an opening message based on their interests. They then copy and paste it and send it to the match. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s working, judging by the comments on TikTok.

One Tinder veteran used ChatGPT to create a poem for the six-foot woman he was messaging. It was a great video, and she loved that a man had written a poem just for her. This is the “future Tinder,” according to the caption.

Another example: A TikTok user requested an opener that was weight-lifting-themed. ChatGPT said, “Does ChatGPT mind if you take a seat?” I feel weaker watching your hip thrusts. The message was received again, and the recipient enjoyed it. She soon deleted her Snapchat.

When an AI bot uses Tinder to complete your experience, there are ethical concerns. The dominant example is disclosure.

What would it feel like for a match to know that your messages were AI-generated? Is it lying to the omission that you didn’t tell them that a bot “wrote” the message, or are you lying? It would be different if they used ChatGPT to send the message.

We don’t know the answers to these questions, but we will need to answer them as AI becomes more embedded in our daily lives. One TikTok user wrote, “AI is just too powerful.”

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