Google Can Decode Doctors Bad Handwriting

Many doctors rush to write prescriptions for medicine, making it difficult for patients to comprehend what they wrote. This problem has been present for many decades, and many tech companies have tried to fix it with little or no success. Google now has a go at translating these unfathomable texts.

Monday’s announcement by the search giant at its Indian annual conference was made by pharmacists that they are working with them to determine doctors’ handwriting.

Google Lens will roll out a feature that allows users to take a photo of their prescriptions or upload one from their photo library. After the image has been processed, the app detects medicines in the note. A Google executive demonstrated this in a demonstration.

The company should have revealed when it would release the new capability to the public. Google stated that India has the most significant number of Google Lens users worldwide.

Google for India, the annual event of Google in South Asia, showcases many new developments. According to the company, it is also working on a single model that will cover more than 100 Indian languages (text and speech) to enable the internet journeys of the following million people in the South Asian market.

India is a significant market for Google. The company has more than half a million users there. It’s been tough for Google in South Asia, where it was slapped twice in recent months by India’s antitrust regulator.

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