McDonald’s Starts To Accept Crypto In Swiss Town

McDonald’s, a multinational fast food chain, started accepting Bitcoin payments in Lugano (a 63,000-personnel city in Switzerland), rapidly becoming a hub for crypto adoption in Western Europe.

Bitcoin Magazine uploaded a one-minute video on October 3 showing How to order food at McDonald’s digital kiosk and then pay for it at the regular register using a mobile app. In video, the logo of tether could be seen next to the Bitcoin symbol on a credit cash machine.

McDonald’s now accepts #Bitcoin payments in Lugano, Switzerland

Tether Operations Limited signed a memorandum with the city on March 3, 2022. This plan launched the so-called “Plan B.” The first fund is $106 million or 100 million Swiss Francs. The second fund is about $3 million or 3 million Swiss Francs. These funds were created to encourage crypto adoption by shops and businesses in the city.

The project will allow Lugano residents, in addition to paying their taxes with crypto, to extend payments for parking tickets, public service, and tuition fees to students. Crypto payments are expected to be accepted by more than 200 local businesses and shops very soon.

Paolo Ardoino (chief technology officer at Bitfinex and Tether) spoke to reporters in June and announced a two-week education activity about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the city.

El Salvador became the first to accept Bitcoin as a legal currency in September 2021. McDonald’s has accepted Bitcoin at all 19 outlets since then. Check out video: How To Pay At McDonald Using Crypto.

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