PDF Pals

PDF Pals is a Mac application designed for seamless and secure local chatting with PDF documents. With PDFPals, users can engage in conversations regarding PDF files without worrying about cloud costs or data security risks.

PDF Pals

The application utilizes advanced OCR technology to ensure compatibility with scanned PDFs and intricate forms, enhancing user experience.

Security is prioritized as PDFPals securely stores the user’s API key in the Apple Keychain, safeguarding sensitive information.

Its pricing model is straightforward, offering a pay-once-use-forever option, and eliminating recurring subscription fees. To provide users with confidence in their purchase, PDF Pals offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Key Features of PDFPals

  • Easily interact with your PDFs using PDF Pals AI OCR engine that processes text and AI for quick insights, saving you valuable time.
  • Gain precise answers with citations directly from your documents through PDF Pals, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your research.
  • Research broader topics efficiently by chatting with multiple PDFs simultaneously within PDFPals AI, accelerating your quest for information.
  • Keep your PDFs securely on your Mac with no need for uploads, and rest assured knowing that PDFPals automatically redacts any sensitive information it detects in your files, while also ensuring no in-app analytics are conducted.
  • Tailor your PDFPals experience to your preferences by customizing response temperature, AI chat model, language settings, and utilizing markdown features, among other customizable options.

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