AudioNotes is an AI-powered tool designed to make voice-based note-taking effortless and structured. The tool captures, organizes, and transcribes audio recordings into text, generating high-quality summaries of voice notes.


Users can easily capture or upload audio recordings to create uninterrupted voice notes.

It offers versatile features for transcribing and organizing thoughts, tagging notes, and efficiently searching through voice notes.

AudioNotes offers various pricing plans suitable for hobbyists to professionals, providing unlimited voice notes with different durations depending on the selected plan.

The app includes audio diarization, recognizing speaker changes, and assigning speakers to each word in the transcript.

It leverages advanced AI models like OpenAI’s Whisper for accurate transcription, summarization, and text processing.

AudioNotes supports recording audio in any language with transcripts generated in the same language.

Summaries are currently available only in English, but plans are in place to support more languages in the future.

It ensures user privacy by maintaining a safe and secure environment for voice notes, summaries, transcripts, and other generated content, with no access or sharing with third parties.

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