Room GPT AI Review

Room GPT AI Review: Are you tired of staring at the same old room day after day? Are you seeking a fresh, exciting way to reimagine your living space? RoomGPT is a must-try tool. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this AI room generator. From its remarkable features to its practical use cases, pricing plans, alternatives, how to use it, how it works, free alternatives, demo video, sample images generated by us using, and much more.

AI Tool Name:RoomGPT
Category:Best AI Design Tools
Features:Fast Processing and High-Quality Designs, Theme Selection, Free Trial, etc.
Cost:Free Trial, Pricing For Paid Plans Starts From $9
Room GPT Free Alternative:RoomsGPT, REimagine Home, Free Version (Unlimited Use), etc. All the links are given at the end of the article.

What Is RoomGPT?


RoomGPT AI is an AI tool that changes the way you approach room redesigns. Imagine being able to transform your living space into various themes, all with just a single photo of your current room. Now you can stay away from hiring an interior designer as Room GPT empowers you to take charge of your room’s transformation. With a user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, RoomGPT io is a must-have for anyone looking to refresh their living space effortlessly.

What Are The Features Of The Room GPT AI?

  • Fast Processing and High-Quality Designs: Experience quick room transformations without compromising on quality.
  • Intuitive Interface: Easily upload your room photo and explore a plethora of design options with a few clicks.
  • Free to Use: Accessible to everyone, Room GPT io offers a free version along with paid subscriptions for added features.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Enjoy accurate and tailored design suggestions for your room.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Visualize and experiment with designs before committing to any changes.

What Are The Use Cases Of The Room GPT?

  • Homeowners: Redesign your room effortlessly and get a sneak peek of the results before embarking on renovations.
  • Interior Designers: Provide your clients with quick design options, making the design process smoother.
  • Real Estate Agents: Impress potential buyers with multiple decorating ideas for properties they’re interested in.

How RoomGPT Works?

  • RoomGPT employs ControlNet, a machine learning model fueled by Replicate, Upload, and Vercel technologies, in order to create diverse iterations of rooms.
  • Through a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques, it comprehends your input and offers various room designs or themes.
  • You have the option to submit an image of your room, which is then transmitted to an ML model using the Next.js route.
  • Subsequently, the model crafts a fresh room based on your chosen category and presents it back to you.
  • In this setup, the hosting of the model takes place on Replicate, while images are stored on the Upload platform.

How To Use Room GPT io?

  • Visit Room GPT io and log in or sign up with your Google account.
  • Upload a photo of your room.
  • Select your desired themes (e.g., Modern, Minimalist, Professional, Tropical).
  • Click “Render Designs” to see your room transform in various styles.
  • Customize colors, furniture, and more, and download your design.

Pricing Plans Of RoomGPT io

RoomGPT io offers 2 options to suit your needs:

  • Free Version: Enjoy up to three daily renders.
  • The paid version includes 30 credits, 100 credits and 200 credits. The price for them are $9, $19, and $29. In premium plans, you’ll get Premium support by email, Ability to request features, Commercial usage of photos, Early access to new features, Save your rooms in a dashboard (coming soon), and Premium room types and styles (coming soon).

Room GPT io Demo Video

YouTube video

Images Generated Using Free Version

Room GPT Free
Room GPT io Free Free
RoomGPT io Free
RoomGPT Free
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Is there any Room GPT Free version available?

In short, the answer is yes. RoomGPT is pretty amazing, but only 3 credits are allotted in the free version, right? Exactly. To solve this, we find something that will make you really happy i.e. Room GPT Free version for unlimited use. Check out the link given below and enjoy Free version.

Free Version 1
Free Version 2
Free Version 3

AI Tools You Must Explore

Best Room GPT Alternatives

  • Rooms GPT
  • DreamyRooms
  • Roomify AI
  • Reroom AI
  • REimagine Home
  • ArchitectGPT
  • AI Room Styles
  • PaintIt

Frequently Asked Questions On RoomGPT io

Is RoomGPT AI legit

Yes, RoomGPT AI is a reliable tool that has garnered over 1 million users worldwide.

What is RoomGPT io?

RoomGPT io is an AI-powered tool that lets you redesign your room effortlessly based on uploaded photos.

Is Room GPT free?

Yes, RoomGPT offers a free version with limited daily renders.

How much does cost? offers various pricing plans for additional features, including basic, standard, and premium credits.

What are the best alternatives to RoomGPT?

Some alternatives include Rooms GPT, DreamyRooms, Roomify AI, Reroom AI, REimagine Home, etc.

How do I use Room GPT io?

Simply visit Room GPT io, upload your room photo, select themes, and click “Render Designs” for instant transformations.

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