5 Best Free AI Essay Writers in 2024

One of the renowned topics of the present era is artificial intelligence which is commonly known as AI. It has been buzzing and widespread throughout the digital world.

There are many AI tools designed for specific purposes from AI PowerPoint presentations, and AI video making to AI image creation, AI voice-over, and many more.

Among these, the AI writer, including the AI essay writer, has also become popular. So what really is an AI essay writer and how to know about the best AI essay writer of the present time? No worries in this article you will gain deep insight into the top 5 best free AI essay writers in 2024. Stay tuned.

What is AI Essay Writer, Why to Use it and the Benefits of Using it?

AI Essay Writer is a program designed to generate essays using artificial intelligence. It proficiently utilizes machine-learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to know the input prompts and yield a systematic piece of writing in the form of an essay. This AI writer evaluates the text data to know the language patterns making it human-created text. It generates text based on the request of the user providing particular prompts.

Why Use an AI Essay Writer?

  • It boosts efficiency in the writing, within a few minutes the whole essay will be written.
  • There is an improvement in the writing skills including writing styles, vocabularies, structures, and grammar.
  • It depicts the outlines and ideas more comprehensively.
  • Non-native speakers or people with less writing skills can easily get writing assistance.

Benefits of Using AI Essay Writer

  • Quality and consistency: It makes writing consistent and quality is maintained through clarity, structure, and coherence.
  • Tailored customization: The user can customize the essay writing by using prompts according to style, tone, simplicity, or complexity as per their preference.
  • Improvement in the language: From non-native speakers to low-writing proficiency writers, all can use this essay writer that enhance the grammar and vocabulary quality.
  • Reduction in the error: An in-built grammar and spelling check that reduces the chance of error in the essay.

Top 5 Best Free AI Essay Writers in 2024

Best Free AI Essay Writers

We have come up with a list of the top 5 best free AI essay writers in 2024 that you should know about. Let’s look into it:

1. AI Chatting

AiChatting Essay Writer

AI Chatting is a website using artificial intelligence that features an AI chatbot assistant that makes a user feel like a live in-person chatting or conversation. This tool uses an interactive in-built chatbot where a user can express or portray his/her choices of the topics.

This tool generates text content based on the user’s preferences and provides over 30 AI writing tools designed for different content types such as articles, stories, lyrics, poetry, social media content, emails, and a lot more.

The AI Essay Writer is one of these tools. It collects the existing information from the Internet and by using training data it creates completely new essays.

Ai Chatting Essay Writer

Pros of the AI Essay Writer:

  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It supports 30 languages.
  • It is available for both iOS and Android apps, providing a seamless experience for mobile users. Moreover, the same account can be used across the website, Android, and iOS platforms.

Cons of the AI Essay Writer:

  • Some pages contain advertisements which may sometimes annoy the users.

2. Editpad

editpad essay creator

Editpad AI Essay Writer is a ready-to-use essay generator that helps you to write an essay online within seconds.

There are various tones it offers as writing styles such as narrative, persuasive, argumentative and descriptive essays. It allows unique and informative pieces of essay writing for both Android and iOS for free.

It supports different languages including English, Spanish, German, etc. This AI website is free to use but the premium version brings out more amazing features with 24/7 chat support, no advertisements, a very fast user experience, an image-to-text converter, and enables all modes of AI writing assistant.

Pros of the Editpad:

  • Does not allow the generation of dangerous or illegal topics, if in case harmful content is generated then a user can email its customer support.
  • Extra features are available including the Humanize AI.
  • It has other tools like plagiarism checker, grammar checker, paraphrasing tool, etc.

Cons of the Editpad:

  • Ads and pop-ups are mostly displayed on the top and bottom of the page.

3. Smodin

smodin essay maker

Smodin is an online AI essay writer designed to generate the best, unique, high-quality essays within a few seconds. It can produce 20,000 AI-powered essays for free and assist in improving the editing outlines, length control, improvement in titles, tips and techniques, and many more.

It is one of the trusted AI essay writers as it generates free essays with credible and proper information. It offers top-quality content, AI-powered research assistance, clearly structured essays, handles any topics, and simplifies the initial phase of the essay writing process by effectively avoiding writer’s block and self-referencing from trustworthy sources.

This tool allows editing assistance to improve the structure and sequential flow of the essay.

Pros of the Smodin:

  • You can get access to all of its wonderful AI tools by signing up.
  • Its powerful algorithm generates references from Google, Google Scholar, and other sources.
  • It makes sure about academic originality and avoids plagiarism.

Cons of the Smodin:

  • You cannot switch payment currencies in an existing subscription, you need to create a new subscription in the new currency.

4. The Good AI

thegoodai essay generator

The Good AI is a free AI essay writer that populates the essay fast with accuracy, in proper structure, and well-searched information. Generating a 2,500-word essay has never been so easy before, with this tool upgrades your writing skills. It has two options: AI essay writer and AI essay outline that provides a precise way of essay.

It has been used and believed by over 2 million writers around the globe. It has been featured in many renowned platforms not only this it is integrated with a third-party tool that undergoes three different humanized steps and automated in-built AI detection making the essays unidentified by the major AI detectors.

Pros of The Good AI:

  • It provides high-quality essays within seconds for free.
  • It provides academic research with integrity in the output result of the essay which is very effective and valuable for students and researchers.
  • It is integrated with Ghost AI making your essays undetectable by all renowned AI detectors.

Cons of The Good AI:

  • All the features are available in the free version and you need to get a subscription for more advanced features.

5. Hix AI

hix ai essay writer

Hix AI is all in one AI writing copilot with advanced language and multiple sets of tools. One of its newly released tools is EssayGPT which generates undetectable, plagiarism-free unique essays with proper citations.

It assists in the whole process of essay generation from conceptualizing the topic to researching, citing and systematically structuring the writing.

EssayGPT has a chronological set of steps to create a perfect piece of original essay. It learns from previously written essays for improvement in future writing making the essay effective and efficient.

As per the audience requirement, the essay is created with a proper grammatical format, style, and tone. Additionally, it consistently updates and improves itself regularly.

Pros of Hix AI:

  • It is an undetectable AI essay writer.
  • It supports multiple languages, creating seamless inputting of the user’s ideas in the form of topics.
  • This tool has a feature of ‘Search for an essay example’ and ‘Generate Titles’ aiding the confused user.

Cons of Hix AI:

  • More advanced features are in the premium version which requires a subscription.


The best way to upgrade your essay writing skills is to use an AI tool that presents a systematic, qualitative, effective, coherent structure of the essay for a remarkable impression.

It is highly suggested to use AI Chatting, one of the worthy AI essay writers with ample ideal features that will ease up your tedious work of writing an essay. Try it today.

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