Best AI Tools to Recover Photos for 2024

Are you struggling to recover a photo? Whether it is an old photo to be restored, or a deleted even a damaged photo to be recovered, recovering them is not easy.

Luckily, help is at hand, there are AI photo recovery tools available that can help you get back the photos fast and well. In this post, we will highlight 2 best AI tools to recover your photos.

Best AI Tools to Recover Photos for 2024

Best AI Tool to Recover Deleted/Damaged Photos

If you got a photo that was deleted by accident, or was damaged and could not be opened, don’t worry, you are not out of options, Cisdem Data Recovery offers a great solution to recover your deleted or damaged photos.

It is a piece of data recovery software designed for Mac and Windows users. One may use Cisdem to scan and recover lost files from internal or external hard drives, including HDD, SSD, SD Card, USB, floppy disk and more.

Cisdem can be also used to repair damaged photos and videos. Finally, it can be used as a disk backup tool, to create a drive backup image file for your cameras, drones, monitoring equipment, and later recover the data by loading the drive image in case of loss.

Cisdem scans your storage device and repairs the photos automatically, you can scan all the files on the drive, also scan photos only to save time by selecting file type from the Preferences menu.

It will list the deleted or damaged photos in different sub-folders based on the file extension (.jpeg, jpg, png, gif, etc.), also you can quickly locate a photo by searching with a keyword or using a filter tool.

Before recovering your photos to a local drive or cloud storage device, you can preview the photos to make sure you are rescuing the wanted photos only.

This tool works well with a wide range of file types, it can recover deleted, lost, or unsaved Word, Excel, PowerPoint, recover audio files, emails, and archives, and can easily fix corrupted videos in batch mode.

The solution of using Cisdem Data Recovery is user-friendly because it has a clear and intuitive interface where you can scan, repair, and recover files just by clicking several buttons. Here is how to recover your deleted or damaged photos:

  • Download and install Cisdem Data Recovery.
  • Select the drive where your deleted or damaged photos are saved.
  • Go to Type > Pictures, search, or filter the photos you want to recover.
  • Choose the photo you want to recover, double-click to preview, and click Recover.

Best AI Tool to Restore Old Photos

AI old photo restoration apps are plentiful, but Picsart is always the best one, both in personal and professional cases.

This is for a couple of reasons. It can smartly detect the blurs, color fading, scratches, spots, stains, and so on on the old photo, then automatically enhance and refine it by increasing sharpness, adjusting the color, erasing spots, etc.

Also, unlike Adobe Photoshop which takes repeated steps to enhance image quality, Picsart AI uses the image upscale tool to improve resolutions with a few clicks. Not only help users fix details on a colorful photo, Piscart AI lets users turn black-and-white old photos into a vibrant look.

Picsart is surprisingly comprehensive by offering a collection of editing and AI tools: change background, crop, collage, sharpen, flip, erase, animate, etc.

You can use each tool separately in your browser, it is free to use, and it costs nothing to edit or export the restored photos, but only in original image quality, if you want a higher definition, you will need the Plus version with a payment.

Also, you should note that it may take a longer time in the process of improving resolution, especially when you upload an image that is severely damaged.

It offers the most straightforward way to recover an old photo:

  • Open the Picsart photo restoration tool in your web browser.
  • Upload the old photo.
  • Click on Download if you are satisfied with the AI result, if not, click Edit to continue enhancing your old photo.
  • Once ready, click Export to download the restored photo.

Tips to keep your photos safe

With the ever-growing use of smartphone cameras, we get more and more photos in an easier way than before. To keep your paper or digital photos safe, there are some useful tips:

  • Print photos with high-quality paper
  • Protect printed photos with plastic cover, use photo albums
  • Place paper photos in an environment with low humidity
  • Scan a paper photo and store it digitally
  • Always back up digital photos to an external hard drive or cloud storage
  • Organize photos in folders and keep them in smaller size
  • Use professional apps to manage your photo library

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