Google Has Launched New Generative AI Tools to Find Holiday Gifts

Google is introducing new generative AI tools to help users find the perfect holiday gifts. The company is rolling out a recommendation tool that suggests relevant subcategories to explore while searching for gifts on Google.

Google Has Launched New Generative AI Tools to Find Holiday Gifts

For example, when you search for “great gifts for home cooks,” the tool will display subcategories like specialty tools, artisanal ingredients, culinary subscriptions, cooking classes, and more. Each subcategory will include shoppable gift options from various brands, as explained in Google’s blog post.

In addition to the recommendation tool, Google will also display helpful links from publishers to learn more about a product or gift category.

This feature is part of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) and is currently available in the US through the Google app and Chrome desktop browser. Users can join SGE through Google’s Search Labs program and test out the tool.

Furthermore, Google is introducing a shopping tool that uses generative AI to create photorealistic images of apparel. By searching for a specific clothing style on Google and tapping the “Generate Images” button, users can view matching images created by the AI tool.

Statement From Google:

We’re connecting our image generation technology with more than 35 billion listings in our Shopping Graph to help you better visualize and find the style you’re looking for. Soon when you use SGE to look for apparel, you’ll have the option to generate photorealistic images inspired by the words you search — and shop products that match those images.

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To further enhance the generated image, you have the option to input text and make adjustments using the text box within the tool. Google will present related shoppable products at the bottom of the page, resembling the generated image.

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Starting in December, this feature will gradually become available on mobile devices in the United States. To access it, you will need to enable Search Labs within the Google app.

In addition, Google has launched a virtual try-on feature specifically for men’s tops in the United States. This tool allows you to choose from a diverse range of 40 models, each with distinct skin tones, body shapes, heights, and sizes.

By using this tool, you can visualize how a specific piece of clothing appears on real individuals. This functionality has already been implemented for women’s clothing, and Google has observed that “products offering virtual try-on options have received considerably more meaningful engagements from shoppers.”

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