What is the ZeroGPT? How to Use This Tool for AI Detection?

We are in an artificial intelligence era, and AI models generate everything including content, photos, videos, and citations.

But having a detecting tool to identify the AI would be good. That is why the ZeroGPT tool is working. It can locate the AI percentage in the text within a few seconds.

There are dozens of AI-detecting tools available these days, which allow users to identify the AI text in the content with or without a subscription. But, this tool is quite different because of a free source and no account is needed.

What is the ZeroGPT Tool?


ZeroGPT or GPTZero is a web-based AI detector. As the name itself suggests, ZeroGPT helps users achieve zero percentage in AI content. So you can use it to detect how much AI score exists in the given text.

It is a web application, so it can be accessed through any device with a browser.

Remember, GPTZero and ZeroGPT aren’t from the same developers. Even though their functionality is the same, they are operated by different owners.

Also, there are quite a few feature differences like humanizing, deep analysis, fetching the AI text, etc.

Key Features of ZeroGPT

  • It scans your text line-by-line with its algorithm, datasets, and third-party data sources for AI plagiarism.
  • It provides a user dashboard for managing reports, scanned data, and documents.
  • It accurates both AI score and human score separately.
  • ZeroGPT works with a unique AI model that can bring accurate results.
  • This AI-detecting tool is an easy-to-use and simple application.
  • It uses Deepscan technology to bring the best results.
  • It does support several languages.

How Good is ZeroGPT?

When we put our hands on this plagiarism tool, we had a positive experience with its user-friendly interface.

Unlike other AI detectors, ZeroGPT doesn’t force users to log in to access the tool.

In the same way, they aren’t charging a single penny and there’s no credit system either. As long as it is offered for free, users can use it without a subscription.

However, ZeroGPT does not compromise on AI and human text classification. If the user enters text generated by AI, it produces the AI probability score and classifies the text as either completely AI-generated or partially human-made.

ZeroGPT isn’t so good at it…

Of course, ZeroGPT has a lot of positives, but there are also a few negative points to point out.

The first issue is character count; it only allows 5000 characters per single check to ensure the best and most accurate results.

It doesn’t work for scanning URLs or allows full site scans for AI plagiarism.

Another drawback is that user can’t download the AI plagiarism report to their devices.

Other tools like Originality.AI can do both report sharing and side-wide scans.

How to Use ZeroGPT to Fetch AI Probability Score

By following these instructions, you can get an AI score for your content without hassle.

Please note that you don’t need any software to run ZeroGPT on your device. Instead, It can be accessed through any web browser.

1. Make sure to copy the text you need to check or have your document file ready.

2. Go to ZeroGPT’s official website, https://zerogpt.tools/.

3. Paste that text into the tool’s editor. (Please don’t put more than allowed words).

Zerogpt Content Editor

4. Click the “Detect AI” option.

5. Once it is finished the process, above you will get AI plagiarism results.

6. The red-flagged circle indicates the ‘AI percentage,’ while the green-flagged circle indicates the ‘Human percentage’

ZeroGPT AI Results

7. ZeroGPT can provide you with the final results, indicating whether the content is AI-generated or not, with a 99% confidence level.

How Reliable is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is solely developed for students and free users. It processes its algorithm on users’ writings to check whether the text is original or AI-generated.

As they are offering a completely free service, the reliability of this AI tool is not very high. Few students on Reddit have complained that their original assignments were also detected as plagiarized by AI. Please check the screenshot below.

Finally, when compared to others, this AI tool is also achieving the best results. Moreover, no AI detector is 100% reliable with the current options available.

How does ZeroGPT Compare to GPTZero?

There are tens of AI detection tools you can try. One of the most popular ones is GPTZero.me. Comparing these two tools can be helpful for people who are looking to choose one of the two.


  • As of now, ZeroGPT.tools is offering everything for Free. GPTZero has a subscription plan starting from $15/month. So clearly, this AI tool is the winner here.


  • Technically, both tools perform with better accuracy.

Highlight Instances with color:

  • Obviously, the winner is GPTZero. Why? Because GPTZero breaks down each instance with a different color set. The AI sentences are colored yellow, human-like instances are colored green, and mixed content is colored blue.
  • This makes users understand and fix the AI easily.

There are some AI humanizer tools that can Bypass GPTZero with simple tools, but ZeroGPT is not particular about it.

Final Thoughts on ZeroGPT

What is our conclusion about this AI tool? It’s a good, useful tool to have on your list of free AI content detectors.

However, it does lack in highlighting text and setting a character limit. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for some people who need to identify the percentage of artificial content in their text. It is a much-needed free resource.

Finally, we would recommend this tool for students, teachers, copywriters, and SEO content writers. But, if you need a detailed analysis then go to other premium services.

Yes, this AI can detect content written by any AI model, from GPT4, Gemini, Llama, Jasper, and Copilot to Claude.

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