Google Fired 200 Employees From Flutter, Python, And Dart Team

Google laid off employees from crucial teams like Flutter, Dart, and Python ahead of its I/O developer conference. Affected workers shared reports on social media, though Google confirmed the layoffs without specifying teams or numbers. Later through sources, we found out that around 200 employees had been fired from the team.

Google Fired 200 Employees From Flutter, Python, And Dart Team

Google spokesperson Alex García-Kummert stated that the company is investing in its top priorities and future opportunities. Teams within Google have undergone restructuring to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and focus on major product goals. Simplifying organizational structures aims to empower employees to contribute to innovative projects and company priorities while reducing bureaucracy.

Google clarified that recent layoffs were not company-wide but part of normal business reorganizations Impacted employees are encouraged to apply for other available positions within Google.

Flutter and Dart PM acknowledged significant layoffs impacting numerous teams. Google PM Kevin Moore reassured the Flutter development community on Reddit, affirming their commitment despite internal challenges.

Moore acknowledged community concerns, emphasizing Google’s dedication to Flutter and Dart’s development. He assured users that Flutter and Dart remained unaffected by ongoing issues, urging trust in their continued support.

Reddit users highlighted that Python team members affected by layoffs managed internal Python runtimes and toolchains, and collaborated on OSS Python. The impacted group included multiple present and past core developers and steering council members.

A Python team member on Y Combinator’s Hacker News shared their technical responsibilities and highlighted the team’s small size for years. Another commenter mentioned addressing internal technical debt during their early years on the Python team.

Despite understaffing, managers prioritized work/life balance and adopted a “marathon, not sprint” work philosophy. The writer expressed gratitude, deeming it their best job ever and expressing deep sadness at leaving.

Python was among the earliest languages adopted at Google, and it became prominent in backend development. gpshead, the user, mentioned that Python was the final major backend language to have its dedicated language team established at Google.

Google layoffs are still officially undisclosed in numbers, possibly confirmed through a WARN notice filed on April 24. WARN mandates 60-day advance notice for layoffs in companies with over 200 employees. Google cited laying off 50 employees across three Sunnyvale locations in the filing.

Concerns surfaced on social media regarding Python layoffs, especially due to Python’s significance in AI. Google’s purported replacement of its Python team with a Munich-based group sparked discussion. Python Steering Council member Thomas Wouters addressed the situation on Mastodon.

“It’s a tough day when everyone you work with directly, including your manager, is laid off — excuse me, ‘had their roles reduced,’ and you’re asked to onboard their replacements, people told to take those very same roles just in a different country who are not any happier about it,” he said.

Google pledges support for affected employees, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Assistance includes time for job hunting within or outside Google, access to outplacement services, and severance packages.

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