Runway and Getty Images Collaborate To Build AI Video Generation Models Without Copyright Issues

RunwayML, an AI video platform, is teaming up with Getty Images to create AI models that adhere to copyright regulations for video creation.

runwayml and getty images to build ai video generation models

According to the blog post, This collaboration will give rise to the Runway and Getty Images Model (RGM), combining Runway’s technology with Getty Images’ comprehensive collection of fully licensed creative content.

This partnership aims to empower creators with increased control and customization options while ensuring suitability for commercial purposes.

Cristóbal Valenzuela, CEO and co-founder of Runway expressed that the partnership with Getty Images elevates their mission of empowering creators to a whole new level of creative control and customization through AI tools.

RGM serves as a foundational model that allows companies to develop personalized video content generation models. Runway’s enterprise customers can incorporate their datasets into their RGM version.

This opens up opportunities for various industries such as Hollywood studios, advertising, media, and broadcast, enabling them to enhance their creative capacities and explore innovative approaches to video production, according to the companies involved.

According to the companies involved, RGM unlocks fresh content workflows by producing videos that align with a company’s unique style and brand identity while mitigating copyright concerns.

Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with Runway to encourage the responsible application of generative AI in enterprise contexts.

The commercial availability of RGM is expected shortly, offering companies the opportunity to utilize custom model training. This is particularly valuable for businesses possessing proprietary data who seek to train models using their secure data.

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