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AI Generated Drake and Weeknd Song ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ Submitted to Grammys

A song created by an anonymous artist called Ghostwriter, using artificial intelligence to mimic the voices of Drake and The Weeknd, has been submitted for Grammy consideration. The song, titled “Heart on My Sleeve,” gained popularity in April for its impressive resemblance to the real artists, although they were not involved in its creation.

AI Generated Drake And Weeknd Song Heart On My Sleevr Submitted To Grammy

The Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr, confirmed that the song is eligible for Grammy consideration because it was written by a human. Ghostwriter’s representatives have submitted the track for Best Rap Song and Song of the Year.

However, Grammy rules also require the song to have “general distribution,” meaning it needs to be widely released through physical stores, online retailers, or streaming services.

The song was initially taken down from YouTube and streaming sites due to takedown notices from Universal Music. Unofficial third parties later re-uploaded it across the internet and streaming platforms.

The two-minute song features “Drake” rapping and “The Weeknd” singing. It gained attention amid ongoing discussions about the use of AI-generated content in creative industries, such as music and film.

The Music Academy previously stated that works without human authorship are not eligible for Grammy consideration.

However, Mason clarified that AI-generated material can be submitted, but only the human portion of the composition or performance can be awarded.

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