VentureBeat Joins Buzzfeed And Daily Mirror In AI-Powered Article Writing

According to report, VentureBeat is the latest publication to use Artificial Intelligence to edit, enhance and generate content.

Editorial director Michale Nuñez revealed that the publication uses Microsoft’s Bing Chat to edit and write stories. Reporters are permitted to include AI-generated “sentences and fragments” in articles as long as they are accurate and verifiable by independent sources.

Nuñez likened the OpenAI-powered technology to having an additional team member that can summarize content in seconds instead of hours. While VentureBeat doesn’t disclose the use of AI-generated content, it only incorporates it in limited quantities and ensures that it is authentic. The publication has no intention of producing complete articles using AI technology.

In January, it was reported that CNET had been utilizing AI to generate entire financial explainer articles since November. Although it was referred to as a trial, more than 50% of the articles required some form of correction, with some being accused of plagiarized content.

Generative AI, such as Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and Google Bard, has become increasingly popular as a creative tool for various purposes, including search results and entertainment. However, ethical concerns about plagiarism, accuracy, and cheating have been raised.

Trust is also a concern, with some questioning whether creators should disclose the use of AI, even if it’s minimal and indistinguishable. While it’s not expected for the news industry to replace human writers with AI entirely, there are concerns that the technology could be utilized to reduce the need for real people.

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