JavaGPT Adds Support For Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11

ChatGPT, the newest tech craze, doesn’t require the latest gadget to access OpenAI’s chatbot. JavaGPT, a ChatGPT client, can be used on Windows operating systems ranging from 98 to 11.

Java GPT

Although using it on the most recent version of Windows is more feasible, the noteworthy aspect is that it supports OS versions dating back to 1998.

The JavaGPT is an open-source project hosted on GitHub, and it operates within a Java GUI that is both fascinating and useful. Its versatile design allows it to function on an extensive range of operating systems.

Here are the features highlighted by JavaGPT’s creator:

  • Chat Streaming: makes responses generate in real-time just like on the ChatGPT website
  • Chat History: lets you interact with previous chats like on the website
  • Revert Chats: Be able to void previous prompts and responses from chat
  • HTML Viewer: View your chat content in HTML. Supports Markdown Language syntax
  • Chat Titles: autogenerates a title for a chat based on its context. Can be manually changed if preferred.
  • Import premade prompts
  • Save chats to file
  • Dark mode and right click copy-edit-paste features
  • Support for ChatGPT 4 and all ChatGPT 3.5 models
  • Cross platform
  • Only 6mb build size

According to the app’s creator, JavaGPT is compatible with GPT-4 and GPT 3 Turbo. Users can choose the model they prefer to use by adjusting the settings within JavaGPT.

Reddit user atomic1fire provided an explanation for why JavaGPT doesn’t function on Windows 95. They explained that running an application like JavaGPT on that old operating system would necessitate running Java 8, which is incompatible with the outdated OS.

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