Microsoft Working On ChatGPT PowerToys Plugin

PowerToys on Windows 10 and 11 is getting a new utility feature soon. Along with an improved utility launcher, Microsoft is also incorporating ChatGPT into PowerToys Run. This will enable users to question the AI without opening their browser and navigating to ChatGPT’s official website.

Simone Franco, the creator of the well-known WSATools app that permits the side-loading of APK files on Windows, is developing the ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys. A few weeks ago, they tweeted about a prototype plugin for integrating ChatGPT into PowerToys, and now the project is on its way to being available to the public.

powertoys chatgpt plugin

With the upcoming ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys, users will be able to make searches using Run, a search-like launcher. This plugin will allow you to type a keyword to activate the utility and enter your request. PowerToys will then transmit the request via the OpenAI API and display the result below the search box.

The ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys is still in development and requires significant work before its public release. The developers aim to improve the activation keyword and answering UI, add icons, define click actions (such as copying the result), address error handling, and brainstorm new ideas to enhance ChatGPT integration into Windows.

Whatever the outcome, it will undoubtedly be superior to the Bing advertisement that Microsoft placed on Windows 11’s taskbar, claiming that the OS is now enriched with artificial intelligence.

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