Report: Google Is Working On New AI-Powered Search Engine

Google is reportedly working on a new AI-powered search engine that can offer a more personalized experience by predicting user needs. The project is still in its early stages and has no set timetable, as per the NYTimes.

Google is also working on a suite of AI features for its existing search engine under the codename “Magi.” These features include a chatbot that can answer software engineering questions, generate code snippets, and help users search for music. The redesign project has been assigned to more than 160 employees, as reported by The Times.

Google is developing a variety of new features that are currently in different stages of development. One of these is a Chrome feature called “Searchalong,” which would allow a chatbot to scan the webpage you’re reading to provide contextual information. For instance, if you were searching for a place to stay on Airbnb, you could ask the chatbot to give you information on nearby attractions.

Other experimental features, such as “GIFI” and “Tivoli Tutor,” would enable users to generate images and learn a new language by conversing with a chatbot. It’s worth noting that many of these features have already been demonstrated by Google in the past or exist on other platforms like Duolingo. For instance, image generation is already available in Slides.

Google is expected to announce Magi next month and unveil additional new features in the fall. The project is likely to make an appearance at I/O 2023. The company intends to offer the features of Magi to one million people in the US initially before expanding availability to 30 million users by year-end.

When asked about the reported development of an all-new AI-powered search engine, a Google spokesperson said, “We’ve been incorporating AI into Google Search for years to not only enhance the quality of our results but also introduce new ways to search, such as Lens and multi-search.

We’ve done so in a responsible and beneficial manner that upholds the high standards we’ve set for providing quality information. Not every idea or concept leads to a launch, but as we’ve previously stated, we’re enthusiastic about adding new AI-powered features to Search and will reveal more details soon.”

Last month, Samsung allegedly informed Google that it was considering the possibility of making Bing its default search engine on its devices, highlighting Magi’s significance for the company. This announcement allegedly caused Google to experience a “panic.”

Google’s search agreement with Samsung is valued at about $3 billion annually. Moreover, the company’s profitable search agreement with Apple, which has been under constant antitrust inspection, is due for renewal this year.

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