OpenAI And Penn Study Says ChatGPT Is Coming For Your Jobs

A new research paper suggests that chatbots like ChatGPT could potentially replace many jobs. The study, conducted by researchers from OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, revealed that 80 percent of the US workforce might experience a 10 percent decrease in their work tasks due to the use of ChatGPT.

The research paper also revealed that GPT or General-Purpose Technologies, including ChatGPT, could potentially impact 50% of the duties performed by 19% of workers.

According to the research paper, higher-paying jobs are expected to be more susceptible to the impact of GPT, but the influence of these technologies will be felt across all industries.

The study examined the extent of work tasks that could be affected by AI without making a distinction between whether AI would enhance or replace human labor.

In the study, the researchers defined the term exposure as a way to measure whether utilizing a GPT or GPT-powered system would result in at least a 50 percent decrease in the time required for a human worker to complete a task.

The researchers emphasized that exposure to GPT does not imply that the technology will entirely automate tasks. However, adopting GPT could still result in significant time savings for workers, allowing them to complete many tasks in less time.

chatgpt is coming for your job

The study revealed that professions such as mathematicians, interpreters, accountants, legal secretaries, writers, and authors are among the jobs that are most susceptible to GPT.

On the other hand, low-paying jobs like rail maintenance workers, cooks, mechanics, floor-layers, meat packers, and stonemasons had no exposure to GPT technology.

In a Twitter thread, Open AI researcher Pamela Mishkin drew attention to the research, noting that GPTs have made significant strides in solving increasingly complex tasks with fewer examples and fewer related tasks in recent years.

Mishkin further explained that the study focused on this trend rather than any currently used specific model.

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