Snapchat Has Launched Its Own ChatGPT Powered AI Chatbot

Snapchat has launched a ‘My AI’ chatbot that uses the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s a bet that AI chatbots will become more commonplace in everyday life, according to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.

Snapchat My AI Chatgpt Powered chatbot

The bot, named “My AI,” will be pinned to Snapchat’s chat tab over conversations with friends. Spiegel tells reporters that while the bot is initially available only to Snapchat Plus subscribers at $3.99 per month, the goal is eventually to make it available to all 750 million Snapchat users.

He says, “The main idea is that we are going to talk to AI every day in addition to talking with our family and friends daily. And this is something that we’re well-positioned to do because of our messaging service.”

Currently, Snap’s ‘My AI’ chatbot can only answer a limited number of questions. Snap’s employees trained the program to not respond to questions that contain violence, swearing, or sexually explicit content.

My AI is so easy to use that Snap doesn’t even need to explain how to use its chatgpt-powered chatbot. This is due to OpenAI creating the fastest-growing consumer product in history. Snap’s My AI interface was not like OpenAI’s ChatGPT interface. It opens to a blank chat page waiting for a conversation.

Snap’s implementation of generative AI treats it more like a persona. My AI’s profile page is similar to any other Snapchat user, but with an alien Bitmoji. This design suggests that My AI is not a search engine but a friend within Snapchat.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot

This distinction could save Snap some headaches. Bing’s implementations of OpenAI’s tech have shown that LLMs can confidently give incorrect answers.

Snap is in a completely different place. Snap has a young and deceptively large user base. However, its business is in serious trouble. My AI will likely boost the company’s paid subscribers numbers in the short term, but eventually, it could open up new avenues for the company to make more money. Spiegel is cautious about his plans.

Snap is among the first customers of OpenAI’s enterprise tier, Foundry. This allows companies to run its latest GPT3.5 model with dedicated computing for large workloads.

Spiegel claims that Snap will probably incorporate LLMs from other vendors over time and will use data collected from the chatbot to guide its wider AI efforts. Although My AI is a basic start, it’s just the beginning of what Spiegel sees as a major investment area. And most importantly, it’s the beginning of what we all think will be a future where AI is treated like a person.

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