Microsoft Employee Accidentally Reveals Notepad Is Getting Tabs In Windows 11

An employee of Microsoft accidentally announced that Windows 11’s Notepad app is getting a tabs feature. A senior Microsoft product manager posted a photo showing Notepad with tabs.

He enthusiastically announced that “Notepad in Windows 11 now features tabs!” using a loudspeaker emoticon.

Although the tweet was deleted shortly after, Windows Central and many Windows enthusiasts’ Twitter accounts had noticed the error.

The notepad screenshot contains a Microsoft internal warning: “Confidential Don’t discuss features or take pictures.” This warning indicates that tabs are still being tested at Microsoft. However, tabs may be available to Windows Insiders in early 2023.

Microsoft will add tabs to Notepad to its built-in apps. This is after Microsoft introduced tabs to File Explorer earlier in the year. In a feature called Sets, Microsoft tested tabs across all Windows 10 applications four years ago.

Microsoft stopped supporting tabs within Notepad and File Explorer and canceled the project. Notepad’s addition of tabs could indicate a shift to being included in other Windows apps.

Although Microsoft has canceled the Sets feature in Windows 10, it doesn’t stop Windows power users from using third-party tools and apps to bring tabs alive in different parts of Windows 10.

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