Microsoft’s ChatGPT Powered Bing’s Video And Features Leaked

According to reports, Microsoft may be taking advantage of ChatGPT’s success by integrating the AI chatbot into its search engine Bing. What might this look like? Thanks to Bing users, we may have an idea. They reported that a new AI-assisted version mysteriously appeared (and disappeared) earlier today.

Owen Yin, a student, and designer, reported that he saw the “new Bing” on Twitter this morning. A reporter said that he had Bing set up as his homepage in the Microsoft Edge browser. The new UI has just loaded up. Yin said, “I didn’t do anything for it to find it.” “It stopped working after a few minutes… My jaw dropped when it was clear what I was seeing!”

Yin tested the system briefly and then shared more details about the integration. He noticed that the chatbot could answer and ask questions in conversation.

It is also possible for the new Bing to cite sources. This is important because ChatGPT language models cannot identify where the information was sourced.

Yin isn’t the only one to claim that they have encountered a new Bing. Two others reported accessing the updated search engine via Twitter shortly before it vanished.

The screenshots of AI-augmented Bing show a “chat” option in the menu bar next to “search.” It allows users to ask complex questions, get better answers, and inspire others. You should verify the facts and give feedback to help us improve.

This UI is very similar to ChatGPT’s UI. It offers suggestions for how to use ChatGPT and warns that it may not always be reliable.

This is crucial when considering how AI language models might be used for search. Experts warn that these systems can “hallucinate” at times and that integration with search engines could lead to false information. This information could be dangerous. These systems could provide harmful medical advice or biased or racist versions of history if they are not properly protected. These types of content are already available on the internet. However, they don’t have the authority to be delivered by AI.

These potential issues aside, ChatGPT’s explosive popularity seems to encourage Microsoft and Google to move quickly toward their AI-assisted future. According to reports, Microsoft will announce a new version of Bing within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Google has an event next week that will discuss future AI work.

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