ChatGPT Passes Pennsylvania University MBA Exam

ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, has been in the news since its launch. Many people have used it to complete assignments and write essays according to specific styles, tones, and instructions. People have confessed to becoming addicted to this new trend.

A professor from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania recently evaluated the chatbot’s performance on an MBA exam. This is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world.

Christian Terwiesch, a Professor of MBA Programs, has been looking at the implications of these AI tools. In a paper, he published ChatGPT’s performance in the Operations Management final exam, a regular MBA core course.

According to the study, the professor stated that the AI chatbot does an “amazing job” at basic operations management and process analysis questions. This includes those that are based on case studies. However, he acknowledged some limitations of the AI chatbot, such as its inability to solve “more complex process analysis problems.”

ChatGPT would have earned a B-to-B grade on the exam. Mr. Terwiesch said that ChatGPT has been able to produce legal documents from other locations and that some believe the next generation of the technology may be able to pass the bar exam.

Mr. Terwiesch, in his introduction to the paper, mentioned the effects of electronic calculators on the business sector. He also suggested that ChatGPT might have the same effect.

In his study, he stated, “Before the introduction of calculators and other computing devices, many businesses employed hundreds of employees whose task was to perform mathematical operations like multiplications or matrix conversions manually.” These tasks are automatically performed, and the associated skills dramatically decrease in value. The same goes for any automation of skills taught in MBA programs. This could reduce the value of an MBA education.

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