WhatsApp Introduces Accidental Delete Feature

WhatsApp, the meta-owned messaging platform, introduced Monday’s new “Accidental Delete” feature. This protects you if you accidentally delete a message for someone else. This new feature allows you to reverse the action in a short time so that you avoid embarrassing yourself.

The company stated that everyone faced the problem of accidentally clicking on “Delete for me” instead of “Delete for all.” This feature, called Accidental delete, will solve the problem. It gives users a 5-second window to delete the accidentally deleted message. Click on “Delete for everyone,” and it will take you back to the original message.

This feature allows users to quickly undo a deleted email message if they have accidentally selected Delete for Me but meant Delete for Everyone. All users of Android and iPhone devices have access to the accidental delete feature.

WhatsApp has reportedly begun rolling out the new Accidental Delete feature to all users. However, WhatsApp is also working on an improved version of the kept messages feature for Android that will allow users to save or undo a message.

The new feature will allow you to keep a message disappearing to prevent it from expiring. The conversation allows users to keep a message hidden or undo an already saved message. The report stated that if they undo a message kept, it will be automatically deleted and will not be recoverable.

This new feature is now available in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update, which is currently rolling out to beta testers. Also, this means that users on the stable version of WhatsApp for Android will need to wait.

This contrasts with the accidental delete feature available to those who use the stable app.

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