Edward Snowden Offers To Become Twitter CEO For Salary In Bitcoin

Edward Snowden, a whistleblower for the National Security Agency, has offered to assume the role of Twitter CEO. The former NSA consultant, aged 39, tweeted today that he would accept the position for Bitcoin compensation.

It was Musk’s request for a CEO capable of “keeping Twitter alive.” “I take payment in Bitcoin,” Snowden responded.

snowden on bitcoin

These changes come after controversial Twitter policy changes that have upset some users and alienated ex-supporters.

Musk recently enacted a policy prohibiting users from linking to other social media platforms. The billionaire Elon Musk apologized for the changes and said future policy changes would be subject to a vote. He has now launched a poll to determine if he should resign as CEO.

Musk asked, “Should I step down as head of Twitter?” Musk asks, adding, “I will abide by the results of this poll.” As of press time, 56% support the billionaire’s resignation. With 6 hours remaining on the poll, there have been more than 11 million votes.

elon musk on leaving twitter and snoden wants salary in bitcoin to become ceo

If the chief of Twitter has yet to find a replacement, it is anybody’s guess. The Twitter chief might not be interested in volunteers for the job.

The billionaire tweeted, “Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it,” in an apparent response to many people offering to assume the role. Musk believes that anyone who takes over this role will face a difficult task.

The billionaire Lex Fridman revealed that the micro-blogging platform was heading towards bankruptcy after he offered to fill the role.

The billionaire claimed he didn’t want to be the CEO of any company during November’s trial testimony. “I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time,” he said, explaining that his role as Twitter CEO is temporary.

After a lengthy back and forth with the Twitter Board, Musk assumed the role of CEO of Twitter at the end of October. This was after Musk accepted the offer to buy the company in April.

Musk has received support from many people in crypto and Dogecoin. Musk is optimistic about a DOGE integration via the social media platform.

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