Donald Trump Stole The Images For His NFT Trading Cards?

Fans of former President Donald Trump have been waiting in their chairs for the announcement that the tweeter-in-chief promised would be a surprise. A video of him in superhero attire, with laser beams shooting from his eyes, was posted to his Truth Social account. What does this all mean?

Donald Trump Stole The Images For His NFT Trading Cards

The grand surprise was revealed on Thursday. It was yet another horrible NFT project. Trump said it featured “amazing ART” of his Life & Career. These “digital trading cards” are a cash-grab NFT project. However, the poor-quality images and the company responsible for the project made the matter more complex.

Each NFT is available for $99, and limited editions of some cards are sold in single copies. Other NFTs can be purchased in multiple copies (two, five, seven, or ten). The initial release contains 45,000 cards. But, even more, one Trump fan will be “guaranteed a ticket to a future gala dinner at his Mar a Lago home in South Florida.”

Even transportation was covered by auction. Spend $4,455 to have a chance to meet the former president. We can assure you that he won’t look as thin as he does on these trading cards.

These images were so bad that reverse image searches revealed they were edited photos stolen from the internet. Although it needs to be clarified if the images were edited manually or crafted using AI, one image of Trump wearing hunter attire resembles the waders made by Banded (a hunting apparel company).

Trump’s cowboy costume matches the leather duster imported to Scully Sportswear in California. Amazon also sells the same duster with an image showing a white duster.

It’s all quite bizarre. Trump promotes the project in a video. He claims he is “better than Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.” Trump then states that each card allows NFT buyers to win incredible prizes, such as dinner with him.

Your first thought would be that the money would be used to support Trump’s reelection bid, but you would be wrong. At least according to the company’s website, NFT INT LLC is the company that hosted the NFT auction.

These Digital Trading Cards do not have anything to do with political campaigns. NFT INT LLC does not belong to Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC, or any of its principals or affiliates. NFT INT LLC uses Donald J. Trump’s name, likeness, and image under a paid license from CIC Digital LLC. This license can be terminated or revoked depending on its terms.

The company running the auction makes things even more bizarre. NFT INT LLC lists its address as a strip mall in Utah with a few shops, restaurants, dry cleaners, and a UPS Store. The companies involved in Trump’s preferred social media platform Truth Social had similar arrangements based on a UPS Store mailbox.

Even more mysterious is who’s behind this operation. We discovered two NFT INT companies registered in California and Delaware. Neither of these companies is located in Utah. We reached out to the individual listed as the CEO of the California-registered NFT INT LLC, who told us their company was not affiliated with this project.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s report about the NFTs revealed the bizarreness surrounding the UPS Store mailbox. The Tribune noted that the Twitter account for NFTs lists Florida as the business residence. However, 20 Florida businesses list the Utah UPS mailbox in their home.

If you are interested in the Trump NFT but for some reason, please be aware that they are non-refundable and non-returnable.

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