Google Releases Top Search Trends Of 2022

Can you remember all of your Google searches from the past year? It can be difficult to recall all the news and pop culture over the past 12 months, given the number of events that have taken place. Statista published a graphic that summarized four top search categories. Google then released a long list of search trends for 2022.

The Year in Search lists the top five most popular terms in many categories. You can see them for 58 countries and globally. It’s not surprising that “Wordle,” the title of the word game that took over the country in early 2022, was the keyword searched. It topped both the global list and the trend for the United States.

The third most searched global keyword was “Ukraine,” which highlights the worldwide impact of Russia’s invasion invading the Eastern European country in February 2022. The fourth spot on the same list goes to Queen Elizabeth, who died in September at 95 after 70 years of service.

Other categories highlight other interests that caught our attention throughout the year. Paneer pasanda was the most searched recipe. This popular Indian dish consists of paneer sandwiches with an onion-tomato sauce. “Tak Ingin Usai,” a song by Indonesian pop star Keisya Lvronka, was the most searched in the world.

In the Athletes category, tennis legends Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams occupied the three top spots in global rankings.

Google was also asked many questions in 2022. The most popular queries in the United States were “How can I help?” with Ukraine and abortion rights ranking first.

The other most popular question was “How do you pronounce it?” with Kyiv (the capital in Ukraine) and Qatar (the host nation of the 2022 World Cup) ranking number one and two.

See the video of Google’s Year in Search 2022. You can also read Google’s Trends Report to gain more insight into the global rankings for specific countries.

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