Google Play Now Lets Children Send Purchase Requests To Parents

Google already provides parents and guardians with tools to limit the purchases their children make through Play Store by using the family payment method.

Google is adding a new feature that allows children to submit a purchase request to the family manager to have it approved if there is no current payment method.

Children can request approval for paid apps or in-app purchases if the family doesn’t have a payment method. After the family manager receives the request via a notification or in their request queue.

They can use their payment method, including a Google Play gift card, to approve it and make the purchase. The manager can view these requests under the history and pending tabs.

This is a great way to control your children’s spending and purchases. You can view all the apps and in-app purchases your children use and decide to decline any that are not necessary or harmful.

Google has made various changes over the past months to improve its oversight of how children use its services. The company released a redesigned Family Link app in October with controls and highlights.

It also granted it a web version. It announced last month’s policy changes for the Play Store. This means that the requirements to be certified as a “kids app” will be more stringent.

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