Google Search Weather Card Redesigned On Mobile Web

Google has updated the Weather Card available in Search on mobile web, following the release of the app and Sun tile for Wear OS 3. This updated weather card includes a prompt in blue to acknowledge the change: “New!” This new outlook on the weather gives you more information about your forecast.

Google’s top-left corner displays the current temperature and what it “feels” like. Across that are the condition, precipitation, and humidity. You can switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius using the overflow menu. “Overview” is one of the four tabs that include a 24-hour forecast and updated iconography.

The next tabs are Precipitation and Wind. Humidity follows. A second carousel is located at the bottom and provides the 10-day outlook and the ability to switch. remains the source of this data.

The Google Search weather card has been redesigned and is now available on the mobile web. It is not available when you search for “weather” in the Google app on iOS or Android. Each client offers a different experience.

Google’s first-party OS features a dedicated Weather experience (with a frog) powered by the main Search App. In 2021, it received a Material Theme update.

It displays more information, including dew point, UV index, visibility and sunrise, and sunset. The desktop weather card was last updated in the early part of last year.

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