Google Tests New Feature To Allow Users To Find Specific Moments In A YouTube Video

Google, an American technology company, has constantly tested and launched new features. The company also announced a new feature in Search at the Google for India event, which took place in New Delhi.

The beta version of YouTube Video Search allows users to search for specific moments in a YouTube video. Now, users can search for a particular place, thing, or moment in a YouTube video. Users will save time by being able to spot items immediately. This feature is currently in testing and will be available to everyone shortly.

“We’re piloting the ability to search within videos on your phone’s Search app. Just type in your query using the ‘Search in video’ feature and find exactly what you’re looking for,” said the company.

Google also plans to add a Multisearch feature to Search. The user can take photos or screenshots and then add text to their query to make it easy to search.

Google announced that the feature would be available in several Indian languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, and many others.

A senior official at Google said Monday that the company also plans to invest in early-stage women-led startups through its India Digitisation Fund of Rs75,000 crore.

To make internet access affordable, the company launched $10 billion (roughly Rs75,000 crore according to the prevailing rate at the end of 2020).

Google India Digitisation Fund (IDF) was used to purchase a 7.73 percent stake in Jio and a 1.2 Percent stake in Bharti Airtel. The total cost of the acquisition was $4.5 billion.

“Moving forward, as part of our IDF investments, we will be targeting support for early-stage companies with a particular focus on women-led startups,” Sanjay Gupta, Country Manager & VP of Google India, said at Google for India event.

The company revealed several projects that use artificial intelligence, such as voice technology and video search.

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