Google Acquired An AI Avatar Startup ‘Alter’ To Take On TikTok

The tech giant Google has acquired Alter, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup developing AI to create avatars for social media users and companies to show their online identity. According to sources, Google bought the startup for around $100 million to enhance its content offering and to compete with TikTok.

It was announced around 2 months back; however, neither company issued a public announcement nor google. As per the report, a few of the highest-ranking executives from Alter have changed their LinkedIn profiles to show that they’ve joined Google but have not acknowledged the acquisition.

The statement said that the Google spokesperson acknowledged that it bought Alter but did not provide any details about the acquisition’s financial terms. Alter began as Facemoji, a platform that provided plug-and-play technology to help developers of games and apps to add avatar systems to their applications.

The investors include Play Ventures, Roosh Ventures, and Twitter which put up $3 million into the startup. In the following months, Facemoji changed its name to Alter.

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