Google Calendar Bug Creates Fake Events Based On Random Gmail Content

Imagine you find an event in the Google Calendar app and have no idea what it is. This has been happening for users in the last few days. This app uses random Gmail messages without any connection to appointments or plans. The problem is caused by random Gmail messages that contain dates.

Christina Stephens (@CEStephens) tweeted about how her Google Calendar was filled with random events based on marketing content and newsletters she received through her Gmail account.

Although there are no clear reasons why this is happening, there are ways to prevent it from happening. Go to the Google Calendar app and click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. Scroll down to Settings. Tap on Events from Gmail. Gmail shows events can be toggled.

To disable this feature from the Google Calendar website:
Open the Google Calendar website and click on the settings gear icon at the upper right of the screen to disable this feature. Scroll down to Events from Gmail by tapping on Settings.

This will prevent you from receiving calendar events created using random Gmail messages. It will also stop you from having actual calendar events created from Gmail sent to you. We expect Google to finally get rid of the bug.

Google claims that Google Mail can automatically create events that you can display on your calendar. These events can help you track flight reservations and other bookings. This issue is rare for all Google Calendar users.

The Google Calendar app of this writer doesn’t display any unusually named events based on Gmail messages.

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