Elon Musk Calls Instagram Model Excellent

Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO, was full of praises for a rival platform’s advertising model during a Spaces session on Wednesday morning. Musk suggested that Twitter’s code be “totally rewritten” to include high-velocity features.

Musk had a heated exchange with Ian Brown, a former Twitter engineer when he asked a pointed question about the complexity of Twitter’s code stack.

Musk compared Twitter advertising to Meta Platforms Inc’s Instagram. He pointed out that he had never met anyone who had bought anything from the microblogging site. Musk called Instagram’s advertising model “excellent” during the Spaces interaction.

Ad Revamp? Musk said that spam is an ad that is not relevant. Musk stated that he sees many ads and that most of them are irrelevant. However, the entrepreneur stated that there had been some improvement in the relevancy of advertisements.

Musk stated that major advertisers are seeking investment. Musk said that this was a rational approach. He stated that an unnamed advertiser told him that Twitter’s ROI is the lowest.

According to the billionaire entrepreneur, it would be possible for people to pay $100 for an advertisement version of Twitter that does not include ads.

Musk claimed that Twitter is on track to spend $ 5 billion next year, but the massive cost-cutting he initiated after taking over would see the company break even in cash flow next year. He also stated that the current employee count is 2,000, compared to almost 8,000 in October.

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