ChatGPT Partner ShareGPT Lets You Easily Share Your Chats

ChatGPT bot by OpenAI is the hottest new tech sensation, with over a million users in just five days. It answers various questions quickly and efficiently, often leaving users amused and confused by its answers. There are likely many such screenshots that you have seen on your Twitter timeline.

You may also have shared some of the answers and enjoyed the experience. Two developers, Dom Eccleston and Steven Tey have created a Chrome extension called ShareGPT that makes it easy to share and capture the AI’s answers to the world.

ShareGPT captures ChatGPT’s entire conversation and generates a URL for you to share. Instead of taking multiple screenshots from the chat with the AI chatbot, you can share the URL directly (such as this one).

After you have installed the Chrome extension, go to ChatGPT and start a conversation with the bot. Once you receive the answer, you’ll see the Share button at the bottom. You have two options: continue the conversation or click the Share button to create a URL for that particular conversation.

ChatGPT Partner ShareGPT Lets You Easily Share Your Chats

When you share the URL on Twitter, you will see a preview of the conversation with ChatGPT. The visual element is maintained, and people can skip the website to read short conversations.

share gpt

ChatGPT is currently in research preview. It’s free to use. It has some limitations regarding factual and linguistic accuracy, but it is still fun to use. It is one of those tools that anyone can use to test AI’s strengths and weaknesses without needing any technical knowledge.

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