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OpenAI launched the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 [GPT-3] in 2020. Since then, there has been an increase in AI-powered content creation tools. These AI tools can create readable, human-like text by leveraging deep learning, an essential part of machine learning.

ChatGPT (davinci003) and GPT-3.5 have recently been released. They show significant improvements in their ability to generate natural languages.

ChatGPT, and GPT-3 tools can be very useful for writers, particularly AI content generators. However, they pose a severe problem. Google says that programmatically generated content without originality is against their policy and will punish you accordingly.

The demand for content is increasing globally, and AI-powered content generators are positioned at the top of the market, providing quick and affordable content generation services for brands and marketers. There are many content generators, each promising to deliver human-like, undetectable text in blog posts, emails, and other formats. The bogus people claim that Google cannot detect these AI-generated texts is what causes the problem.

A recent study has shown that AI-written content can easily be detected by Google and other search engines and penalized accordingly. Originality.AI was launched before many people believed it was impossible to distinguish GPT-3 and ChatGPT content from its original human form.

Google is continuing to improve its algorithm to find AI-generated content. This demonstrates its commitment to providing helpful content to its readers. Google cannot make money by using AI-powered tools that leverage pre-trained software. As a developing project, Originality.AI exposes these content-generating software tools, allowing brands to verify what content they publish.

According to the website, Originality.AI detects ChatGPT generated content and checks for plagiarism. It is designed for influential content producers. Originality.AI can identify even the smallest AI usages and plagiarism to help you verify the originality of your content.

This platform was created by GPT experts and content marketers who understood the importance of original content. It also includes innovative features such as Team Management, Auto-billing, and an AI Content Detection tool. The API and Full Site Scan are in development and will soon be available.

Originality.AI offers a wide range of features and is cheaper than other Plagiarism tools. The cost is $0.1 for 100 words, and the team offers the pay-as-you-go payment option.

This tech may shake up the status quo and allow everyone to quickly verify the authenticity of the content and determine if an AI-powered content creator created it.

Here’s a Free alternative to detect ChatGPT written text and find chatgpt watermarking: ChatGPT Detector

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