Amazon Launches Prime Gaming In India

Amazon quietly launched Prime Gaming, its subscription service that provides access to various titles to its members in India, just weeks after it began testing the service in South Asia.

Amazon Prime and Video subscribers get access to the gaming service at no extra cost. It includes access to various games on mobile, PC, and Mac, and loots in-game.

The e-commerce group adds new titles each month to the service. At the time of writing, there were some free games and loot boxes for Indian users, including League of Legends and DeathLoop.

Prime Gaming makes Amazon Prime subscriptions, which cost just $18 per year in India, even more, attractive for certain segments of the South Asian market.

Rishi Alwani (a long-standing industry analyst and communications manager at SuperGaming, a Pune-based gaming startup) said that Prime Gaming could have a “fascinating, long-term effect” on India’s PC gaming ecosystem.

It would allow Indian PC gamers with Prime subscriptions to access a wide range of content they might not otherwise be interested in.

The Indian PC gaming market is value-driven. It includes AAA-quality AAA games like GTA 5 or free-to-play shooters like Valiant.

Prime Gaming offers a diverse, carefully curated selection of titles and genres that many might not have considered. Amazon India is in a phase where it is looking to gaming to keep its Prime subscribers.

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