Adobe Stock Starts Selling AI-Generated Images

Adobe today announced that it will accept images created using AI tools such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion and open up the possibility of selling these images at Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock, a worldwide marketplace selling over 320,000,000 creative assets, has established new submission guidelines. These guidelines will allow customers to submit illustrations created with generative AI.

The use of generative AI technology in the early days has raised concerns about its proper use. Adobe has carefully considered these questions and created a submission policy that will ensure that our content is responsibly used by both customers and creators alike.

In the art and design world, there is much debate about the legality and legitimacy of AI-generated stock images. Getty Images and other sites have banned the sale of AI-generated graphics due to copyright concerns.

Adobe Stock submissions made using generative AI should comply with Adobe’s guidelines.

Generative AI represents a significant leap forward for creators. It leverages machine learning’s extraordinary power to think faster and create imagery using words, sketches, or gestures.

Adobe Stock contributors use AI tools and technologies to diversify their portfolios and expand their creativity. These submissions must comply with guidelines for AI-generated content, including our request that contributors label artwork with generative AI tags.

The company revealed that it had been using generative AI in its Content Authenticity Initiative and planned to add the technology to its Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop.

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