5 Popular JavaScript Frameworks And Their Roadmaps

According to Recent Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey, NPM trends and StateOfJS, the best JavaScript frameworks for front-end, back-end and testing are React.js, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, Express js and more. So, we decided to create an article on roadmaps for this popular JavaScript frameworks. Below, You’ll find roadmaps for a lesser-known and four widely known & used JavaScript frameworks namely React, Node, Ember, Angular and Vuejs.

Note: The roadmaps for other frameworks will be added soon. So, bookmark this article and check the updated on weekly basis.

No matter, which framework or library you learn for web development, you must know basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three main pillars of web development.

Three Main Pillars Of Web Development

HTML Basics

If you want to learn HTML, You can check this small course from Programming With Mosh (HTML Free Course for Beginners), Free Code Camp (Learn the Basics of HTML5) and HTML Tutorial by W3Schools.

CSS Basics

It is the second pillar of web development and used to style web pages so that they look good. If you want to learn CSS then check this evergreen CSS Course by Web.Dev which is digestible and easy to understand into pieces.

You can also learn from one of the best and widely used resource by web developers (CSS Tutorial by W3Schools). If you need more choices, please do check out this one of the best github repository for CSS (Awesome CSS GitHub Repo).

JavaScript Basics

This is the third pillar of web development and used to make your web pages interactive. It is also the reason behind React framework, hence you should know JavaScript and know it well before attempting to learn React JS.

If you want to learn JavaScript from scratch, We suggest you to you check out this course by Traversy (JavaScript for Beginners). It’s simply awesome. Other resources are JavaScript Tutorial by W3Schools and Awesome JavaScript GitHub Repo.

By the way, Instead of learning these technologies individually, it’s better to join a complete web development course like Web Development in 2023 by Traversy, The Essential Web Development Course by Upskill which will teach you all the essential skills you need to become a web developer. You can also use this amazing GitHub Repo filled with 100+ free resources to Learn Full Stack Web Development. Now, let’s move towards roadmaps and best free resources to learn about them.

React, Nodejs, Angular, Ember and Vue js Roadmaps

React Developer Roadmap

Short Introduction About React

React.js or React is a comprehensive library of JavaScript that’s used to build user interfaces or front-end of the web application. React is declarative, simple, component-based, fast, easy to learn, extensive, and supports the server-side of the application. It has also captured the open-source community’s interest.

The below-given React Developer RoadMap is built by adam-golab and it outlines the paths that you can take and the libraries that you would want to learn to become a React developer. So, if you are wondering What should you learn next as a React developer? then this roadmap can help you.

Reactjs Roadmap 2023

React Developer Roadmap 2023
Credits: adam-golab (github)

You can get free resources to learn almost all the topics mentioned in the above roadmap from this github repository: Awesome Reactjs Github Repo

That’s all about The Modern React Developer RoadMap.

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Nodejs Developer Roadmap

Short Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment and library for running web applications outside the client’s browser. Developers use Node.js to create server-side web applications, and it is perfect for data-intensive applications since it uses an asynchronous, event-driven model. The purpose of this roadmap is to give you an idea about the landscape.

Nodejs Roadmap 2023

Nodejs Developer Roadmap 2023
Credits: Aliyr (github)

You can get free resources to learn almost all the topics mentioned in the above roadmap from this github repository: Awesome Nodejs GitHub Repo

This is all about the roadmap to learn NodeJS from the scratch. We hope this will be helpful to you.

Vuejs Developer Roadmap

Short Intro About Vuejs

Vue.js is the most Progressive JavaScript Framework It is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used to develop interactive web interfaces. Vuejs focuses on the view layer. It can be easily integrated into big projects for front-end development without any issues.

This roadmap for Vuejs developer will give you an idea about the landscape and guide you if you are confused about where to begin or what to learn next. Go through the roadmap for vuejs developers, and start developing.

Vuejs Roadmap 2023

Vue Js Developer Roadmap 2023
Credits: Flavio copes (github)

You can get free resources to learn almost all the topics mentioned in the above roadmap from this github repository: Awesome Vuejs GitHub Repo

The list could grow indefinitely, but those are the basics of a well-rounded Vue developer.

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Angular Developer Roadmap

Short Introduction About Angular

Angular is a UI framework for building mobile and desktop web applications. It is built using JavaScript. You can use it to build amazing client-side applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Angular solves many of the challenges faced when developing single page, cross platform, performant applications. It’s fully extensible and works very well with other libraries.

Angular Roadmap

Angular Developer Roadmap 2023
Credits: Sulco (github)

You can get free resources to learn almost all the topics mentioned in the above roadmap from this github repository: Awesome Angular GitHub Repo

That’s all about Angular learning roadmap. Now, let’s move towards the next and the last one i.e. Ember.js Roadmap.

Ember Developer Roadmap

Short Introduction to Ember.js

Ember is a component-service framework that focuses on the overall web application development experience, minimizing the trivial differences between applications — all while being a modern and light layer on top of native JavaScript.

Ember Roadmap

Ember Developer Roadmap 2023
Credits: Rajasekar (github)

You can get free resources to learn almost all the topics mentioned in the above roadmap from this github repository: Awesome Ember GitHub Repo. And If you need more choices and don’t mind learning from other free resources then you can also explore Ember.js Guides, Ember.js Tutorial for Beginners (YouTube Playlist) and Free Ember 101 book. That’s all about emberjs roadmap.

Thanks for reading till the end, will meet very soon in the next informative and valuable article.

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