2022 Machine Learning Mind Map, Data Science Roadmap, Mobile And Web Development Roadmap

Machine Learning Roadmap 2022 And Data Science Roadmap 2022

Hi Friends. In this article, we'll go through 10 to 12 roadmaps and mindmaps namely Artificial Intelligence Roadmap, Machine Learning Mind Map, Data Science Roadmap 2022, Data Engineer Roadmap, Data Scientist Career Path, 2022 Web Development Roadmap (it includes three different roadmaps that are Frontend, Backend and Devops development), Machine Learning Roadmap 2022, Android Developer Roadmap and lastly iOS Developer and Swift Developer Roadmap.

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πŸ‘‰  Artificial Intelligence Roadmap 2022
Artificial Intelligence Roadmap 2022
Image credits: i.am.ai

Artificial intelligence is a broad and dynamic field that can quickly overwhelm a beginner. This "AI Expert Roadmap" aims to give you, as a learner, an idea of the landscape, guide you on what to learn next, and not just pick up what is hip and trendy. Using these roadmaps, you should develop some understanding of why one tool is better than another in some cases and learn to remember that hip and trendy never means best suited for the job.
Artificial Intelligence Roadmap 2021 github
Image credits: i.am.ai

As shown in the above image, Artificial Intelligence roadmap begins with the fundamentals. To explore the fundamentals in detail, the resources are given below 

# Basics

- Database Basics 

# Programming Basics

# Data Sources

# Exploratory Data Analysis

After sampling, this roadmap is divided mainly into two parts i.e. Data Engineer and Data Scientist. The roadmaps for both this terms are discussed below (not exactly below, just scroll a little and you will find it) 

πŸ‘‰ Machine Learning Roadmap 2022

The roadmap is made based on three years of experience in machine learning. It does not cover everything, multiple textbooks would be required for that but it’s more than enough to get started and keep going for a long-time.

This machine learning roadmap will help you join the dots between different concepts, which is paramount when learning a topic because rather than learning a single topic in isolation, you start to understand how it pieces together with everything else.

This roadmap is divided into five branches:

1st Branch: Machine learning problems – what are the main problems in machine learning?

2nd Branch: Machine learning process – how do you go about solving a typical machine learning problem?

3rd Branch: Machine learning tools – what tools can you use to build the solutions you’re after?

4th Branch: Machine learning mathematics – machine learning is a combination of several branches of mathematics, what are these?

5th branch: Machine learning resources – how can you and where should you go to learn all of the above?

Mini Version of ML Roadmap is here:
2021 Machine Learning Roadmap (Github)
Image Credits: Github / Daniel Bourke

Wait, in the above image the number shows the sub-branches linked with the main branches. And to check all the sub-branches, you need to see the hulk version. The Hulk version is consuming 20Mb and I can't eat 20 Mb from user's smartphone, just to load the roadmap. So, I decided to provide a direct download link of hulk version: 2022 Machine Learning Roadmap (Hulk Version)

If you're little confused in understanding the above roadmap, here's the video explanation for you: Machine Learning Roadmap 2022 by Daniel Bourke

πŸ‘‰ 5 Machine Learning Mindmaps (for double reference, like buy 1 for free and get 2nd for absolutely free) 

The mindmaps are slight different as it summarizes and explains machine learning concepts from Data Analysis to Deep Learning. These mindmaps are also branched into different nerves

1st Nerve: Machine Learning Processes
Machine Learning Roadmap 2021 Github
2nd Nerve: Data Processing in Machine Learning
Data Processing in Machine Learning - Machine Learning Roadmap PDF
3rd Nerve: Various Machine Learning Concepts
Machine Learning Concepts - 2021 Machine Learning Roadmap Reddit
4th Nerve: Machine Learning Models
Types of 100+ Machine Learning Algorithms - Download Machine Learning Roadmap 2021
Download PDF version of all the Machine Learning Mindmaps: PDF of 1st Nerve + 2nd Nerve + 3rd Nerve + 4th Nerve + Bonus Nerve (Math for ML) 

πŸ‘‰ Deep Learning Roadmap 2022

Deep Learning is part of a broader family of Machine Learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms. Learning can be supervised, partially supervised, or unsupervised. These Mindmaps covers concepts, architectures, and more.

What's Covered:

1. Concepts - A partial list of the building blocks of Deep Learning architectures, with notes on the mathematics behind each component.
Concepts - Deep Learning Roadmap 2021
2. Architectures - Different Deep Learning architectures have been developed depending on the question being answered. Here's a list of some of them and notes on tuning.
Deep Learning Architectures - Deep Learning Roadmap 2021
3. Tensorflow - TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. The mindmap lists some of its components, packages, and overall architecture.
Tensorflow Roadmap - Deep Learning Roadmap 2021 (Github)
Download PDF version from here: 2022 Deep Learning Roadmap 

πŸ‘‰ Data Engineer Roadmap 2022

This roadmap aims to give a complete picture of the modern data engineering landscape and serve as a study guide for aspiring data engineers. Beginners shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the vast number of tools and frameworks listed here. A typical data engineer would master a subset of these tools throughout several years depending on his/her company and career choices.

What's covered in this Roadmap?

1. CS fundamentals

2. Programming Languages

3. Types of Testing 

4. Database Fundamentals

5. Relational and Non-Relational databases

6. Data warehouses

7. Object storages

8. Cluster computing fundamentals

9. Dives into Data processing

10. Monitoring Data Pipelines

11. And More

To know more about data engineer roadmap, check out the below given image
Data Engineer Roadmap
Data Engineer Roadmap 2021 (Github)
Download Data Engineer Roadmap (High Quality Image): Data Engineer Roadmap 2022

πŸ‘‰ Data Science Roadmap 2022

This roadmap is based on author's experience in data science. This is not the be-all and end-all learning plan. You can adapt this roadmap to better suit any specific domain or field of study that interests you. Also, this was created with Python in mind as he personally prefer it.
2022 Data Science Roadmap
What's covered?

1. Starting with Programming (i.e. Python)

2. Data Collection and Wrangling (Cleaning)

3. Exploratory Data Analysis, Business Acumen, and Storytelling

4. Data Engineering

5. Applied Statistics and Mathematics

6. Machine Learning and AI required for Data Science

7. Projects

Resources required to learn all the stuffs mentioned in the above image are as follows


- For Python

- For Git and Github

- For SQL

- Check your skills by solving problems and building projects

#Data Collection and Wrangling

# Data Analysis and Acumen

# Data Engineering

# Applied Stats and Maths

# Essential Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Data Science

Keep Learning....

πŸ‘‰ Data Scientist Roadmap 2022

A Roadmap or a modern learning plan that one can use in this becoming a data scientist journey. The author took inspiration from the metro maps and used it to depict the learning path. He organized the overall plan progressively into the following areas or domains. 

The roadmap is branched and sub-branched into a spider's web. Branches are as follows and for sub branches you have to move your eyes to the big image shown below 

1. Fundamentals

2. Statistics

3. Programming

4. Machine Learning

5. Text Mining / Natural Language Processing

6. Data Visualization

7. Big Data

8. Data Ingestion

9. Data Munging

10. Toolbox
2021 Data Science Roadmap (Github)
Image Credits: Swami Chandrasekaran

πŸ‘‰ Android Developer Roadmap 2022

The intent of this guide is to give you an idea about the Android development landscape and to help guide your learning if you are confused. This roadmap is focused on the native Android apps development but if you are interested in learning any hybrid framework, my personal preference is react-native and I would recommend you to checkout the Frontend Developer Roadmap. The Bigger version of roadmap is here  
2021 Android Developer Roadmap (Github)
Image credits: roadmap

# Building an Android App

πŸ‘‰iOS Developer and Swift Developer Roadmap

The iOS and swift developer roadmap will take you from learning the basics to launching a Se3y app. Let's break this roadmaps a little..

The roadmap will start with basics where you have to choose where to go i.e. towards swift or towards objective-c. Then after picking a path, you will look after common topics like Mobile Human Interface Guideline, iOS technologies, Cocoa design patterns, network programming and more. Then its time to move dig more. To dig more, please check out the images given below    

Mobile Developer
Mobile Developer Roadmap 2022
Image Credits: Godrm

πŸ‘‰ How to become an iOS Developer (Roadmap) 
iOS Developer Roadmap 2021 (Github)
Image Credits: Godrm

πŸ‘‰ Swift Developer Roadmap 
2021 Swift Developer Roadmap
Image Credits: Godrm

πŸ‘‰ 2022 Web Development Roadmaps

The roadmaps are divided in three different parts. Parts are frontend development, backend development and devops. The purpose of these roadmaps is to give you an approach regarding the landscape and to guide you if you are confused about what to learn next and not to encourage you to pick what is cool and popular.
2022 Web Developer Roadmaps
Image Credits: Kamran Ahmed

πŸ‘‰ Front End Developer Roadmap 2022
Full stack web developer roadmap 2022
Image Credits: Kamran Ahmed

πŸ‘‰ Back End Developer Roadmap 2022
full-stack developer roadmap 2022 pdf
Image Credits: Kamran Ahmed

πŸ‘‰ DevOps Roadmap 2022
DevOps Roadmap 2022 PDF
Image Credits: Kamran Ahmed

That's it. We hope you like it. This is not the end. We will update it whenever we dig it more. If you like this machine learning mind map, data science roadmap, data engineer roadmap, data scientist career path, android roadmap, swift developer roadmap, front end developer roadmap and web developer roadmap, then please share it with your virtual friends as well as with your colleagues. And please stay tuned with us because the next post will be something related to this. In the upcoming post, we'll curate some roadmaps for specific languages like Flutter Developer Roadmap, Kotlin Developer Roadmap, Python Developer Roadmap, Machine Learning Engineer Roadmap 2022, JavaScript Developer Roadmap, C++ Developer Roadmap and more.
March 10, 2021


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