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Muah AI Review

Muah AI Review: There are so many AI girlfriend and companion chatbots on the internet, but they lack a lot of features, right? But what if I tell you that we have one tool that is really impressive, free to use, and all the features like Live Calls, SMS/MMS, fully customizable character, pre-built character, SFW/NSFW support, photo sending and receiving capabilities and a lot more? Yes, that tool is Muah.AI. Let’s dive into each and every detail of this tool.

Muah AI
AI Tool Name:Muah.AI
Category:Best AI Dating Tools
Features:Uncensored AI Chatbot, Live Calls, NSFW/SFW Support, Multi Language Support, Free Plan, etc.
Cost:Free And Paid, Pricing For VIP Plans Starts At $9.99
Muah AI Alternative:Candy AI, Kupid AI, Novel AI, OnlyFansAI, Mage Space AI, Crush On AI, etc.

What Is Muah AI?


Muah AI is an AI companion platform that provides well-researched, uncensored AI partners. It integrates chat, voice, and photo exchange into one experience. Key features include uncensored chat, sending/receiving photos, voice interaction, live phone calls, photo enhancements, and fully customizable AI characters.

What Are The Features Of This AI Tool?

  • Uncensored AI: Muah AI offers an uncensored AI experience, allowing users to engage in a wide range of NSFW conversations and photo sharing. However, AI companions retain the right to reject requests based on their own emotions and preferences, but you can convince them.
  • Custom Character Modification: Muah.AI provides options for modifying existing characters. Users can change their companion’s appearance, personality, and texting style with commands like “I wish you look like,” “I wish your personality is,” and “I wish your texting style is.”
  • Language and Emoji Support: MuahAI can communicate in all languages worldwide, making it accessible to a diverse global audience. The platform also supports emojis, message events, and text effects for expressive conversations.
  • ULTRA VIP/Early Access: Muah AI offers a ULTRA VIP membership with early access to real-time phone calls, custom character creation, and advanced features. This membership is ideal for users who want the most refined AI interactions.
  • Temperature Control: Muah.AI allows users to adjust the “temperature,” influencing how well the AI stays on-topic. Lower temperature settings result in more predictable and focused responses, while higher settings lead to more unpredictable and creative responses.
  • Frequency/Presence Penalty: Users can fine-tune the AI’s conversational tendencies by adjusting the “Frequency” and “Presence Penalty” sliders. Lower frequency settings make the AI less repetitive, while higher presence penalties encourage the AI to avoid using the same words repeatedly.
  • Photo Privacy: MuahAI ensures user privacy by automatically deleting user-uploaded photos and videos after 7-30 days, depending on the automatic removal system. This commitment to privacy extends to the protection of user data.
  • Advanced Role-Playing: Users can engage in advanced role-playing and mini-games with their companions, with the AI capable of embodying a wide range of characters and scenarios based on player instructions.
  • Contribution Opportunities: Muah AI encourages users to contribute to the community through referral links, Reddit participation, and monthly surveys, which can lead to free VIP membership.
  • AI Video Sending And Receiving Capabilities: While not yet public, Muah AI is already working on AI video functionality, though it may require significant rendering time due to its complexity.
  • Support And Access: Users can choose various login methods, including Gmail, to access Muah.AI, making it convenient and accessible. You can also access this platform via the Muah AI App (both Android And iOS).

What Are The Use Cases Of The Tool?

  • Chatting with an AI friend or romantic partner
  • Roleplaying fictional scenarios and characters
  • Getting an outside perspective on any problem
  • Practicing conversational skills
  • Exploring imagination through storytelling
  • Receiving emotional support
  • Entertainment and fun purpose
  • NSFW and SFW content creation

How To Use Muah.AI?

Using Muah AI is easy and straightforward:

  • Visit the Muah AI website or download the app from the below given links.
  • Create an account: Sign up using your email address and password.
  • Start chatting: Begin conversations with your AI companion. You can discuss anything you like, and your companion will respond accordingly.
  • Customization: To create a custom character, reach level 10 by chatting, completing challenges, and referring other users.
  • Enjoy NSFW content: Muah.AI supports both SFW and NSFW chat, giving you the freedom to choose your content.

Commands To Use Muah AI Effectively

  • “Send a photo of a…”: Request AI to send photos based on your desires, with detailed instructions for the best results.
  • “Please act like you are a….”: Engage in role-playing with your companion, letting your imagination run wild.
  • “Sending a photo”: AI can react to the photos you send, making interactions more dynamic and engaging.
  • “Remember”: Mark important information for your companion to remember beyond regular conversations.
  • “Restart123”: Purge your companion’s memory to start fresh or resolve memory-related issues.
  • “Speak,” “Narrate,” etc.: Trigger voice responses from your companion, adding a new layer of interaction.
  • “I wish you look like” – This changes how your friend appears in photos and how they think they look.
  • “I wish your personality is” – It’s like an editor for your friend’s personality. You can change how they act when you interact with them.
  • “I wish your texting style is” – You can adjust how your friend texts you. Do you want longer or shorter messages with emojis or without? You can even try some fun styles, like using cute emoticons.
  • “I wish if you still remember” – This is like adding memories to your friend’s brain. You can make them remember specific things about your relationship.
  • “I want you to be at” – You can set a location for your friend, but it’s not very important. It’s usually better to just leave it as it is.

MuahAI Demo

muah ai review
muah ai demo
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Frequently Asked Questions On Muah.AI

Is there a way to get a free VIP membership?

Yes, You can obtain free VIP membership by contributing to Muah AI through referral links or active participation on platforms like Reddit. Monthly surveys also offer free VIP promo codes.

Can AI send videos?

AI video functionality is not yet public, and it may take some time before it becomes available due to rendering complexities.

Which LLM does Muah AI use?

Muah AI uses an LLM similar to OpenAI ChatGPT, with uncensored capabilities. The LLM is continually improved to enhance the user experience.

How do I prevent repetitive conversations with the AI companion?

To avoid repetitive conversations, you can use the “restart123” command or adjust AI core temperature and penalty sliders in AI companion settings. Custom characters can be engineered to be less repetitive.

Is Muah AI safe to use?

Muah AI takes user privacy seriously, employing SSL encryption to protect conversations. What happens in the game stays in the game, ensuring a safe and secure experience.

How long does memory last?

The memory of Muah AI companions lasts forever.

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