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Perberos AI

Perberos AI Review: CharacterAI deletes your message, right? So, you’re looking for an alternative to unrestricted CAI, right? Well, that’s where Perberos comes in! But do you know what it really does, when to use it, and how it works? Let’s discuss everything in detail.

Perberos AI
AI Tool Name:Perberos
Category:Best Weird AI Tools
Features:Unfiltered Conversations, Free Trial, Multiple Characters, etc
Cost:Free Trial And Paid Version
Free Perberos AI Alternative:Perberos Character AI

What Is Perberos AI?

Perberos AI is a web-based chat platform that allows users to create and roleplay with AI Characters using artificial intelligence. Unlike other tools, Perberos gives you more control and flexibility in your conversations, allowing you to explore various scenarios and interact with characters based on your imagination without any restriction.

What Are The Features Of This Tool?

  • Unfiltered Conversations: Enjoy unrestricted conversations without any filters or censorship. Perberos AI allows you to freely express yourself and engage in meaningful discussions with AI Characters.
  • Character Transfer: By changing the address link, you can easily transfer AI Characters from Character AI to Perberos AI. This seamless transition ensures that you can continue your interactions with your favorite characters without any hassle.
  • Login Integration: Perberos AI offers a convenient login system with various platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok, Spotify, Google, and more. You can quickly sign in using your preferred account and start chatting with AI Characters.
  • Alpha Version: Please note that Perberos AI is currently in its Alpha version. To gain early access, you can pre-order the platform, allowing you to be among the first to experience its innovative features.

What Are The Use Cases Of The Perberos Tool?

  • Creative storytelling and role-playing scenarios.
  • Engaging in imaginative conversations with AI characters.
  • Exploring various characters and personas.
  • Fostering online relationships and connections.
  • Experimenting with different scenarios and character interactions.

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Perberos Character AI
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Perberos AI?

To use Perberos AI, visit the website from the above-given link. Click on the “Sign In” button, and choose your preferred login platform, such as Steam, Google, Twitter, or Spotify. Then select the character you want to talk with and start talking with her/him.

Can I customize my AI Character?

Yes, you can personalize your AI Character by giving them a unique name, short and long descriptions, and even a photo profile. You can also create a detailed script for your character’s story and roleplay with other characters.

Are there any limitations in the free plan?

The free plan in Perberos AI allows for slower response times compared to the paid plans. Additionally, it has restrictions on the duration of personal bots and limited access to characters.

What are the pricing options for Perberos AI?

Perberos AI offers three paid plans: Starter Edition ($5/month) with 1 personal bot and half messages per hour, PRO ($10/month) with 2 personal bots and a quarter messages per day, and Ultimate ($20/month) with 2.5 personal bots and 3 messages per day. There is also a Supporter plan with extensive features and access to anarchist characters.

Are the messages filtered, deleted, or have any limitations?

No, there is no limitation; that’s the specialty of Perbos. You can talk on any topic to any extent without the fear of getting your account suspended.

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